Sometimes we can refer to life as BC (Before COVID) and AC (After COVID) as so much has changed so far this year. I think that it all hit me the other night when I finished work early (at 3:30 AM) and sat on the couch to watch something on TV. I had a ton of things to choose from, mostly a ton of stuff that I'd downloaded on my usb drive to watch. Shows that I used to love to watch. Comedy shows that I used to watch nightly or weekly and I just stopped a couple years ago. I started one up again and it took me only 3 minutes into the intro of the show to remember why I stopped...there was no positive in anything. I used to watch them because comedy is comedy, comedians are comedians, and they seemed to dish out a joke to one group and then dish it out to another because comedy does not take sides! You are supposed to be able to make fun of anyone and anything with everyone dying laughing and knowing that they could be next! That has changed. Even if I don't like one side of any argument, left or right, raw or geared, tested or non-tested, cardio or strength, spandex or canvas...I can appreciate almost any joke for what it is, especially when I know it won't be harped on for an entire week.

And I remember Jay Leno and David Letterperson (just trying to be politically correct these days) making fun of Bill Clinton and "Dubya" all the time...but a joke here and there is funny...

All of my great shows have just used every show to harp on the same things every TV show for years now. Doesn't matter if I agree with you, I didn't turn on to your programming to hear harps...I want to hear jokes!

So I just sat. Then I thumbed through Facebook on my phone, then twitter. Gosh guys...I'm not saying we should put a full on filter on everything that we say but maybe we should turn off the water spout after so many gallons come through the hose every day.

I sat on the couch, actually sad, because there was ZERO positivity anywhere, at all! That night I sent a text message to Eddie Hall to see what he was up to and like always...he is a huge ball of positivity like him or not! My "go to" for positivity is Mr Kalle Beck mostly on Twitter. If that guy can't make you smile then I'm not sure what will! Pictures of old cars, vintage trucks, and his son...I swear I can smell the rubber hoses, gaskets overheating, and baby powder! Like, Love, or Hate those guys...they always face me straight on with a huge ball of positivity that always ALWAYS makes my day better and they don't even know it!

You know what I want to hear? I want to hear how amazing something is! Stop posting publishing content that is designed to make anyone look bad and start telling me and the rest of The World how amazing someone else is! And no, I don't need to see you doing wide stanced stiff legged deadlifts in a thong while doing it because if what you are posting is actually that good you won't need butt pics to advertise it!

Nobody reads this stuff anymore, but if you do, I challenge you to make someone's life better tomorrow and every chance that you get. Some of the highest power you will ever attain is the power to change The World for the better...and you already have that power at your finger tips.

Be positive, and tag me so that I can spread your great words!