I'll add my workouts from last week at the bottom and do the write up on top. My hip was killing me last week, so I didn't do much walking. I'm not sure how I aggravated it, but it is feeling better today. I walked 2.5 miles this morning and it felt fine. I spent most of last week giving my hip a rest. I did get my upper body workouts in, but skipped my lower. We also ended our basketball season and had the kids vs. Coaches/Parents game. I really wanted to play in this as Chris enjoys it so much. I was able to play Saturday and move around pretty well.

Tuesday 3/10 @ 6:00pm-

Machine BP: 4x12

Machine Military Press: 4x8

Pushdowns: 4x15


Thursday 3/12 @ 6:00pm-

Pulldowns: 4x10

Seated Rows: 4x12

Preacher Curls: 4x12