Three simple words that will change your life that are seemingly not so simple for anyone to say. Three simple words that I've learned so well over the last few years that they not only have humbled me but they have allowed me to grow more as a person than any other three words I've ever said. Three simple words that I want you to try and start saying at least once per day, every day, starting tomorrow.

I. Don't. Know.

Just try it. When someone says something to you, asks you a question, or posts something online that you'd really like to comment on, just say back "I don't know" and see what happens.

My 2022 has been a wild year. Heck, my last decade has been really freaking wild and it has almost made me gun shy and life has truly humbled me time after time. Every time that I've thought I had caught up with life and got ahead, something has jumped out and made me realize that maybe, just maybe, I didn't know what I was doing nearly as much as I thought that I did. At this point I truly believe that the more someone says that they KNOW something, the more that they really have no idea about it. We all know "experts" like this in the strength industry, right?

I've seen politics and divisions. Drugs and divorces. Scandals and deaths. People selling guru programs to "The Promised Land". Everyone has an opinion that is fact and nobody is willing to admit that they are not an expert. It seems that people would rather win an argument than find a solution. I'm asking you to at least try being different, starting tomorrow.

I'm not promising that your life will get easier. Heck, MetaFaceBook is one of those places I like to scroll through and I get so confused how people can be so hateful and opinionated so I simply ask questions. Honest questions with pure intentions. People have argued amongst themselves for so long that they can't believe that someone can have honest good intentions when asking a question anymore. So do your best to include in a conversation "I don't know. I really don't know to be honest" and more than once I've gotten an "F-You" in return. I've also gotten some really amazing information from time to time from ACTUAL smart people. Most of those ACTUAL "in the know" people also are not afraid to admit that there are a lot of things that they too simply just do not know. That, to me, is pretty concerning in our world.

So starting tomorrow when you are faced with any sort of situation that could be confrontational, be it online or in person or especially with someone that you love... earn their trust by simply saying "I don't know. I really honestly don't know. What do you think?".

Three simple words.