Chaos and Negativity Abound

It's just out of control.  I am in a bit of a funk this week because everything seems to be going wrong.  I am struggling to not "set up" things so that I am putting a negative twist on everything but it just seems that when it rains, it pours, and it's pouring right now.

I will not bore you with the details but it's just one thing after another and I find myself asking, "Can I just get a break??"

Last night, to add insult to injury, I tweaked my left elbow - not even sure what it was or what happened but all I could do was think, "Fucking GO FIGURE."  I am getting ready to go train back and I am unsure if it is nothing major or if it might be.  I can say that it is much better today than it was last night while training and after I finished training.  So, I am hoping to be able to work around it tonight.

I was getting heavy dumbbells into position for dumbbell presses and as I moved one of the dumbbells to my thigh, my left elbow hurt like hell.  I almost didn't attempt the set thinking it might not be a good idea but I did do the set and it seemed fine while performing the set.  I was able to finish chest and delts and the only "pain" I had was picking dumbbells up off of the rack and putting them back.  The actual exercises didn't bother it BUT ... I couldn't even curl my empty hand to my shoulder without feeling like it was swollen and/or tight.

Today I have babied it and it feels much better so I am hopeful that I can hit back tonight at least light but I am hoping that if I choose my exercises and grips right, I can get a really good session in as this is the last week before I take a cruise week.  I am to finish up training on Thursday and not train at all until next Wednesday.  This was the plan prior to this elbow ping last night so that time off should do me well.  I just have to get through to Thursday if I can.  Obviously, if I go into the gym tonight and it isn't good I won't force it.  Cutting out 3 days early to cruise after 24 weeks won't be giving up much in the bigger picture.

So, as far as training goes, nothing is really all that negative in that things have been going very well.  It is outside of the gym that I am getting hammered.  Most of you know that when you get hammered outside of the gym, if you get hammered bad enough, it carries over into your training because you go into the gym irritated, pissed off and negative.

I have been training for years and I have this seasoned ability to flip a switch and compartmentalize, allowing me to train without life getting in the way.  However, I would be lying (and so would you) if I said that I am successful at doing that 100% of the time.  This is my point, right now I am struggling to not allow life into the gym.  If I can get through this week I will have some down-time with family this weekend and I will enjoy a much-needed (and deserved) break.  This should allow me to come back mid-week, next week, with a clear head to move onto the next 8-10 weeks of going TRT.

Please understand that after training for as long as I have, I might be able to compartmentalize better than most and better than I could years ago but the reality is that life can still catch up with you and impact you even when you have the best of intentions and things are going well.  I don't know why I feel the need to explain this other than to help someone who might be in the same position to understand that we all have that point where we feel overwhelmed.  My training is very important to me but I still have priorities outside of the gym that simply cannot be put to the side.  This is what makes up a larger portion of my stress in times like this.

I will get through - we all do.  I am just saying that sometimes it can really suck to keep things in order, keep continuity with routine and structure and still stay on track with your goals in the gym.


Doing what we do is easy when there are no obstacles.  It's when life kicks you in the face that it becomes difficult to stay focused on your goals



I went into the gym a bit anxious to train back not knowing whether my elbow would bother me.  I had an incredible back session and had no issues, at all. It was as if I had no problem, at all, the day before. I guess I'm "recovering" quite quickly. hehe :) .


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