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I'll make a video of the purpose of this ASAP so I can explain it how it is needed to be explained but...

There is a local man in our small community who is a true pillar of the community where we live.  He has ran a dance studio primarily for children for as long as anyone can remember and most children will attend his school at one point in their lives or another.  I can never remember him without a huge smile on his face.

Not long ago he began his fight against cancer and it has been very rough for me to see him go through the changes that his body has gone though.  His face is filled with a lot of very familiar looks that I've had before.  This was one hurdle that he has fought through. Recently his house caught on fire, with his son inside.  I have no idea how a father survives that, especially as a single father.  When I saw a photo of his son, mostly covered head to tail in gauze bandage, it hit me that we could do something to help him, even if it was just to brighten his day.

So, this contest is to help him.  100% of all income goes to him.

Contest entry is 25 Euros and to add The Deadlift is an extra 5 Euros.  Maybe I should just make it 30 Euros for everyone and everyone enter anything that they want?

After the completion of the contest a card will be delivered to him containing all of the cash and a card with every name on it that contributed.  I want him to know that he makes a difference, World Wide.

I am putting down MY PayPal information because it is guaranteed that it can get here to Cyprus and that I can withdraw it to Revolut/Cash and give it directly to him.  Do not fear, there will be a photo of me handing him the card as well as the card with the names of ALL who donated to help him.

It is my plan to take all of the contest videos and not only put them on YouTube but to make them into a video that I can hand to him to watch at home.

25 or 30 Euros

To be completed by April 10th
Does not need to be on the same day.
There are no weight or age classes, you can enter any group that you wish.

M/WO = Men's  / Women's Open
You can use any weight that you want!  This is primarily for those either looking for a serious personal challenge or top tier athletes as well as those that  have a major personal a 400 lb Husafell Stone, 140 kg Atlas Stone to a low platform, Bodyweight Farmers, etc...

M/W 1 = Men's / Women's Division 1
This is the heaviest division, still designed for nobody to get hurt yet to give you a chance to compare yourself to others using the same weight.

M/W 2 = Division 2
This is the division where I will mostly fall into.  I have no desire to get injured on any event, I need a goal, and most of these weights will be a challenge for me based on my current weaknesses (strength, mobility, cardio, injuries).

M/W 3 = Division 3
Slightly lighter than Division 2

M/W 4 = Division 4
This Division is designed for those without equipment to train with, those just beginning, those who have been or are currently injured, and those that simply just want to help with the Charity Event.

I have no problems with people entering multiple Divisions but I encourage you to enter at least one division per event.

You can also enter only the events that you wish to enter, you do not have to enter every event to take part! This is to serve the purpose to give everyone something to train for, something to compare themselves against others with, something to base their current training around, and a chance for use to help a local family in need.  NO injuries allowed!  NO stress allowed!

NOTE:  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO ENTER THE SAME DIVISION ON EACH EVENT!  I will list event results by division/group.  For instance you might enter M1 for Log Press and you know that you have a knee injury so you need to be careful on Super Yoke/Sandbag Medley so you enter M3 on The Medley.  THAT IS FINE!  Remember...this is for fun and to help someone in need! Don't get too serious!


Overhead Press:
Any Implement that you choose
From floor-ish to overhead
Max Weight

Log, Axle, Sandbag, Chidren, Tables, Husafell Stone, Small Cars, Large Trucks...all acceptable!

MY GOAL here is to remain injury free, do not bother my back, bicep, or injured foot...and to nail a 100kg (220 lbs) log and safely walk away.  I suggest you to have some fun with it!


Yoke - Bag over Yoke Bar - Yoke
total distance around 10 meters or 33 ft
Yoke half way, load bag over the yoke bar, finish the yoke

MO:  You choose
M1:  350/770 Yoke, 115/250 sandbag
M2:  300/660 , 90/200
M3: 250/550, 70/155
M4:  your choice, have fun

WO:  You choose
W1:  220/485 Yoke, 80/175 Sandbag
W2:  180/395 Yoke, 60/135 Sandbag
W3:  150/330 Yoke, 45/100 Sandbag
W4:  your choice, have fun

There will be some entries that are done with a squat bar from squat rack to squat rack, sandbag over bar, and repeat back.  This is OK!

Husafell Carry:
or Front Carry
60 second time limit, max distance
From floor unless anyone has any objections

MO:  Have Fun
M1:  1.25 x bodyweight
M2:  Bodyweight
M3:  0.75x Bodyweight
M4:  Your Choice

WO:  Have Fun
W1:  Bodyweight
W2:  0.8 Bodyweight
W3:  0.6 Bodyweight
W4:  Your Choice

Turn ABOUT every 10m/33ft.

Sandbags or rocks or anything can really be used.  Implement/friend can be dropped and picked back up within the time limit.

Stone Loading:
3 Minute Time Limit. This is designed to keep the lifters from pushing too hard too fast and risking injury.  Many lifters will be loading, unloading themselves and a 3 minute time limit should help make the event more even for those training alone compared to those training with a training crew to help them.

Use the closest stone/object THAT YOU HAVE to your bodyweight.  It does not have to be exact, this is for fun!

52 inch / 132 cm Platform Height, roughly
MO:  Have Fun
M1:  1.25 x bodyweight
M2:  Bodyweight
M3:  0.75 x Bodyweight
M4:  Your Choice

46 inch /  116 cm Platform Height, roughly
WO:  Have Fun
W1:  Bodyweight
W2:  0.8 Bodyweight
W3:  0.6 Bodyweight
W4:  Your Choice

Natural stones, sandbags, SMART cars, friends...all perfectly fine!

Roughly 10m/33Ft for fastest time

MO:  Have Fun
M1:  1.25 x Bodyweight each hand
M2:  1 x Bodyweight each hand
M3:  0.75 x Bodyweight each hand
M4:  Your Choice

WO:  Have Fun
W1:  Bodyweight each hand
W2:  0.75 x Bodyweight each hand
W3:  0.5 x Bodyweight each hand
W4:  Your Choice

Frame, Farmers, Shopping Bags may all easily be used.  No straps unless you enter the 4th Division.  Or if you are doing something CRAZY in The Open Division.

Deadlift:  Extra Division, Highly Optional, Extra 5 Euros To Enter? (I'm entering!)
I really don't care what you do, the idea is to have fun!

It is very likely I will pull a 1 Rep  Max with short orange bands added since it is part of my training program right now!  You can pull reps, max, 18 inches, axle, etc...just have safe fun!  Maybe a short thumbs up at the end so he knows that this deadlift was for him!

My plan is a full geared max.  I won't wear straps but that is just my thing.  Straps, suit...all allowed.

I will post all results for this so you can compare yourself to others who lifted in the same way.

For any extra information, comments, concerns, thoughts, advice, prayers...feel free to contact me at or on social media if you already talk to me a lot there