My "Chest" training is always short and sweet. I was blessed with a perky rack so the majority of my chest development is in the middle. This leaves a majority of my focused training to the upper pec specifically the clavicular head.

I warmed up with neutral grip banded machine press. The goal here was to just get the connection established and blood pumping. I like using a band in the beginning becasuse it easily intensifies the peak contraction and limits stress towards the bottom of the movment (extension) where the pec is most vulnerable. I worked up in sets of 8 until I reached  a difficult 8. This was the stack so 285x8 Then went into my main movement incline chest presses. Ill use this exercise for the next 4 weeks but change how I use it each time.

  • Week 2 will be BB incline press with shoulder saver pad
  • Week 3 will be an overload with reverse bands
  • Week 4 will be an incline smith machine or football bar
  • Rep ranges will fall in the 6-8 rep range to keep strength building

Here was week 1 straight BB incline press

In all it felt good.

Next I moved to a flat press plate loaded machine. I did this unilateral to really focus on loading the pec and getting the stretch. I worked up in sets of 10 from 1 plate until I reached a difficult 8-10. I usually perform only 1 flat press movement per training session.  Here's how the set went.

Next up was incline cable chest flys. I performed 4 sets of 20 rotating my hands internaly (palms down) for an increased contraction and made sure to drive my elbows together. Don't be focused on where the hands go. The pec follows the humerus and the humerus goes where the elbow goes. Goal was to pump and squeeze!

My goal is to get back to looking like this.......... We will see how long this takes with life doing what it does best.


That was it for chest training short and sweet. As chest isn't something I need more of its quite dense and fast paced.