Mario came to me right around Thanksgiving last year. Young kid and relatively new to powerlifting. His firm meet was November of 2012, so just 2 years into the sport.  He had gotten a little sloppy with eating, mostly because he was just trying to get as strong as possible. Unfortunately, that led to extra (unwanted) bodyfat. His weight reached 230 back in June of 2014. And frankly, he wanted to be sexy and strong. Haha!

His goal: Get down to about 205-207 without losing strength and be able to make 198 at his meet. He was also getting into gear so we needed to keep that in mind as well.

I pretty much knew what Mario's problems were, but I started him off with 2300 cals on non training and 2600 on training day. The beauty of the diet is how we adjusted things as we went. If he was hungry, or sluggish, we took that into consideration. Good thing he was feeling strong every day during training and hitting some big numbers.

His weight dropped steadily and he was still having a cheat meal every week. Carbs increased gradually and he was leaning out nicely and still losing body fat.

mario client

Far left is the start, Nov. 20 (214.5), middle was Dec. 15. and far right was Feb 15 (209). Not only does his midsection look tighter, but his upper body looks much more developed too.   Very proud of Mario. He's worked very hard and even with a few celebrations in there, he's made excellent progress. Mario will be competing soon, so stay tuned for his results!

Mario client