I started coaching Christine online in January 2014 as one of my first online clients to follow the completed M2 Method. Eventually, once the M2 Method ebook was complete, other than some minor adjustments, she was able to follow it to complete her own programming.

Here’s how she has consistently improved:

In June of 2014 Christine went 8 for 9 with 305-150-315 for 770, a huge 54 lb. meet PR, to win the 132s, best lifter, and qualify for the Arnold at the Lexen Xtreme Summer Slam.

In December of 2014 she competed at the Lexen Xtreme Xmas Explosion where she squatted 330 for a 25 lb PR, benched 160 for a 10 lb PR, deadlifted 330 for a 15 lb PR and totaled 820 for a 50 lb PR as a very light 148er. At this meet she also had the opportunity to meet Dave Tate who helped to coach her through her squats. As was I, Dave was very impressed with Christine’s determination and performance, so much so that he made here part of Team EliteFTS.

This past weekend she competed at the prestigious XPC Finals at the Arnold where she squatted 360 for a 30 lb meet PR, benched 170 for a 10 lb meet PR, and deadlifted 335 for a 5 lb meet PR for a 45 lb total PR of 865 and 6th place overall by formula.

There are only so many variables a lifter can access to consistently improve, especially as a raw lifter who is trying to maintain a specific bodyweight. Christine has shown beyond a shadow of doubt that the M2 Method works.

Christine has overcome overwhelming obstacles to make it to where she’s at today. I’m honored to have had the opportunity to work with her.

On PowerliftingWatch’s current rankings her squat will be #6, bench will be tied with #22-26, and her total will be #13. Congratulations Christine! You rock!

Get on Christine’s level with the M2 Method!