Here is a lesson in being 45 with 4 kids and sometimes just too much crap to get done and not enough time to do it:

I was scheduled to cruise this week but had little choice but to switch it to last week (the week we just finished).


A young 20-something college kid will read this and think, "Skip's a pussy, he could have gotten his workouts done.  Old people are lazy."  To this I say, "Wait until you get older and figure out that what you just said is bullshit."


God love my son but he is a heathen right now and is consuming a large portion of my sanity trying to keep him on track and not screwing up.  He is like a puppy; he is fine when being paid attention but the second you turn your back he is pissing on something.


Too many appointments from my wife's car work to work on my truck to baseball practice to softball practice to a radio show taping, an interview and finalizing taxes with my accountant (you know, that thing that you do when you are legit and pay taxes as a corporation like any good american would do).


I get blood work done this week and anticipate it will be even better than it was 6 weeks ago and I will be kicking it up this week again!  Woo Hoo!!  It has been a LONG time coming.  🙂


I also turn 45 today so it is good timing.


I will be back to posting my workouts this week.


You were probably thinking I was using the pic of the cruise ship as a reference for my cruise week.  Nah ... We take the family on Christmas vacations and we have been cruising the last couple of years because the kids love it (and so do we).  We just booked our Christmas vacation on Freedom so I thought I would post a pic.  Not everything is related to bodybuilding.  Jeez....