Activations/side twists with bands/ BT gut 10 mins, Quads 5 mins

Used Accumobolity Nubs to do push ups. Moved every 10 reps or so to a different part of the hand.  There are some hand activations that I used from time to time and using the nubs enabled me to move to those points.   Ended with 250 reps

Wide grip/inside grip assisted pullups. Round 300 reps

Pushed Prowler 1 heavy lap


Just two laps prowler

Alot of Sunday BSin'


Two laps prowler one heavy, one light

Activations with side planks and hanging abs 4 rounds each

Reverse hyper several sets

Light box squat raw 365x3x5 sets

So the nice thing about the prowler is you are unually warm the rest of the day no matter what you do.  The SC heat is pretty terrible so trying to aim for the morning mostly ,I have to do more activations with the daily prowler work. Logged 13 ish sessions in the last 15 days. Plan is to do it daily until the end of the. May have said that in a earlier log but restating so I remember it.  Down some weight until the weekend. Duck Donuts opened up here and they are good so we snagged  up a bucket which is 18. I had 14. Sunday I pouted alittle a got some of the cheap choc pudding pies.  So back up in water weight I be.  The prowler is also mindless work unless you are also working on breathing.  Each push I am good for about half of a particular trip with the breathing then my mind wanders and my breathing as well.  The one thing I seem to be able to hang on is not putting my hands on my knees and dying.  Sometimes I just push with nothing on to really focus and sometimes I need the Dalai lama and desmond tutu book to keep me from the river of useless thoughts and distractions.  It has been very helpful.  Not as fun as jamming out and being mad or motivated by competition but also not as draining. I am also in much better tune with my body.  The goal is to see what happens with 30 days of prowler thrown on top of everything else.  One of the random tortures I have thought up but never did.