Deadlift Story: Not As Planned

So if you've been following along, there has been a young man on Instagram that really REALLY has my attention. He asked about using a Trap Bar Deadlift as a good Max Effort Exercise and of depends. Does it fix what he needs fixing?

I saw a video of him deadlifting and it needs a lot of work, mostly he needs to get stronger and he needs someone to visually imitate so I asked him who is favorite deadlifter was and his reply was none other than 440 lb Eddie Hall. You know, Eddie is the nicest of guys and sends me text and voice messages from time to time when he sees me training hard and struggling but a young man can't really compare himself to 6'3" 440 lb Eddie Hall. Eddie was cut from a different cloth at a very young age and really could have competed WELL in any sport that he ever chose to! And for a guy that is roughly the same height as I am but 160 lbs heavier...leverages and techniques are just going to be completely different.

My plan is to work with this young man and find him several technically skilled deadlifters online that he can look at and see how they deadlift and WHY it is a solid way to deadlift. Getting the shoulders behind the bar, keeping the back the same position all the way through, lats down into the pockets, belly full of air.

The more that I think about it...if I had a client having serious technical issues, a trap bar deadlift might just be the safest exercise for them to STRAIN on. Might not build their deadlift at all...but they sure could strain like crazy and have safer fun!

I can't wait to talk to this young man...he really has me excited!

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