I always enjoy the crowd that likes to make it sound like cheat meals, refeeds and Skiploading aren’t hardcore and that you can’t get ripped if your refeeds, cheats or Skiploads are too big.  It’s almost as if loading on more than 1 meal is somehow taboo these days and you aren’t going to be peeled.


Shit please.


Now, I am not at all saying to eat like a hog on the weekends and you will get shredded, too, but I am saying that these general and very broad statements aren’t accurate.  You CAN eat a ton of calories and get ripped if your timing is right, the amount of food you are eating is right and if you build your body into eating these larger amounts of food.


And it isn’t “cheating”, it is highly structured – whether it appears that way on IG or FB when I post pictures of what I eat when I load for most times well over 1 full day.


Now, can you get ripped without huge Skiploads, refeeds and cheats?  Absolutely.  In fact, as much as I believe strongly in my methods and have proven them for years and years, my methods are not the only way to get into great shape.  However, if you have the option of getting ripped eating shitty, bland meals and having a cheat meal once every 3 weeks or you can build into Skiploading once a week for sometimes a full day or longer, why in the hell would you not choose the latter option???


No, it isn’t unhealthy.

No, it isn’t going to cause the “Beetus”.

No, you don’t gain body fat if it is done correctly.

You can choose not to Skipload or have cheats and you can prefer to diet without giving your metabolism a break but please do not ever say it doesn’t work because I have proven it too many times for that to be said – not only with myself like I am currently doing right now in my prep but I have also used this method of dieting for 17 years myself AND for thousands and thousands of clients.



This last weekend I loaded for 1.5 days.


I started at 7pm Saturday with my training partner at IHOP because there are no gourmet breakfast places open past 3pm here in Denver.  Plus, IHOP does have some pretty good pancake and French toast options.

I opened with the SCGS compound (high carb and lower fat meal) and my meal consisted of:

Blackberry cheesecake pancakes

Bananas Foster brioche French toast (with extra extra sauce and extra extra bananas)

Peach Praline pancakes with ice cream on top (extra extra peach sauce and pralines)

4 eggs over medium and a stack of sour dough toast to sop up the egg yolks

Notice my training partner's one plate.  He's an amateur but we are working on him.


FullSizeRender (11)


4 hours later:

No SCGS compound (moderate fat/moderate carb)

1 half pound Cherry Cricket burger (peanut butter/bacon/grilled pineapple rings/pepper jack cheese


1 slice of carrot cake

Sorry, no picture of the carrot cake but I assure you it was damn good looking.
The pic of the other burger is Mrs. Skip's.  It had onion strings, grilled jalapenos, cream cheese and strawberry habanero jelly.

FullSizeRender (12)





SCGS compound (higher carb and lower fat)

Breakfast at Syrup, Denver

Nutella-stuffed French toast with strawberries and strawberry syrup

Coconut crusted brioche French toast with coconut syrup (to die for)

Baked apple pie pancake with mascarpone

Crab cake benedict with smashed tator tots on the side

 FullSizeRender (13)

 FullSizeRender (10)


NO SCGS compound (moderate fat/moderate carb)

1.5 half-pound Cherry Cricket burgers (peanut butter/bacon/grilled pineapple slices/pepper jack cheese)

FullSizeRender (12)

Small piece of my grandson’s birthday cake




SCGS compound (higher carb/lower fat)

A massive amount of sushi that I can’t even begin to calculate.  The pic was only one of the rounds we ordered.

Mochi balls for dessert

FullSizeRender (14)




2 toasted english muffins with light butter and homemade peach preserves from our friend Jen.  Her preserves are so good I don’t even put it on the English muffin, I simply take a bite of the English muffin and I use a spoon and put a spoonful of preserves in my mouth with the bite.  Oh yes.


½ pint of Ben and Jerry’s new “Oat of This Swirl” ice cream.

FullSizeRender (15)



I don’t count calories but obviously this is a TON of calories.  I have built into this amount of food over about 4 months and I am continuing to drop roughly 2 pounds per week and getting into incredible condition.

You don't have to subscribe to my dieting methods but be fair enough to admit that they work and they work well.  I have spent years proving it and still am.