I've made several videos about my version of a Dimel Deadlift but I haven't posted them in a while nor have I done them in training so...let me explain.

If every lift is either Mental, Physical, or Technical in a miss then you should be training only lifts which address these issues. The more issues that an accessory lift addresses, the more efficient it is and we hope it is effective as well.

So, the Dimel Deadlift the way that I teach it has a pause below the knees. This pause is a moment for you to go through a mental checklist in your head of:
1) Shoulders behind the bar
2) Belly out
3) Shins vertical
4) Chest mostly up
5) Sitting on hams

If you finish the lift and you feel it in your lower back then you are doing it incorrectly, you should feel the torque in your hamstrings!

Singing and dancing is not optional.