Don't High Rep Squat!

I sat down the other day and put some serious thoughts in to my training plan. For the most part, my training plan has not been longer than 3-4 weeks in advance with the exception of Reverse Hypers, Log Press, and Deadlifts and the last 4 weeks I've had a pinched nerve "somewhere" and my log press and deadlifts have both taken a dive! Heck, who am I kidding...I can barely walk.

I've taken nearly a week off from training and then got my family all excited to go outside Tuesday night at about 10 PM and do "something". We did EMOM work where we would do a rep or two on a deadlift bar then straight to an overhead press for whatever we wanted to, for 10 rounds. Just exercise and I could barely walk after.

Getting ready for bed Tuesday night I sat down with pen and paper and came to a realization that I needed a long-term plan that mostly involved me taking the long road and not going pedal to the metal every single week "just because it is fun".

Everything is mapped out percent and band wise and I knocked out Week 1's box squats yesterday.
5 sets of 10 got painful really fast!

Then I remembered that I really need to do some Weightlifting I knocked out sets of 7 on them...then some front squats.

Duuuuude. By the time I was (trying?) to go up the stairs to bed last night I was struggling and as the day passes on today (Thursday) my Fred Sandford walk is getting "better and better".

Editing some video for you guys to laugh at :)


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