Down 4.5 Pounds This Week

I am remarkably upbeat and feel pretty good given the progress I've had this week.  Obviously the progress I am happy with but typically a lot of progress like this would have me dragging ass and feeling pretty much beaten up and I don't feel that way ... right now.  In fact, other than feeling occasionally hungry during my workouts (which I never get hungry during my workouts) I have had no issues with hunger.  

I am using a new fat burner that I have never used before and have been against in the past due to it being abused and dangerous.  Basically, I do not play.  I have been dosing it low and it has been quite easy to manage and a pretty good asset as far as progress so far.  I have run it for 1 week and will run it another week for a total of 14 days.  

I will not detail much more here as far as diet changes while using it and that sort of thing but I will detail every single thing in the TRTbodybuilding DVD including supplemental support, diet changes, dosing, etc..  As most of you know I am a bit cryptic sometimes with my logs because I feel that if you do not know of, or aren't aware of a compound, I am not going to be the one to introduce it to you.  I will not answer questions as to what supplement or compounds I use so if you don't know what I am referring to, that's the way it will have to stay.

I can say that I have dropped all cardio while using this fat burner and increased calories roughly 300.  That is approximately a 600 calorie disparity (600 more calories than usual) and I have dropped 4.5 pounds in a week.  I am running hot but nothing uncomfortable and nothing that concerns me, at all.  I do, however, feel run down while training.  I am very flat, quite fatigued and have lost strength which were all expected.

I have also not Skiploaded last weekend and will not load this weekend.  I will stop the fat burner next Wednesday and then load the following Sunday quite a bit to fill out as much as possible again before going back to my regular cardio regimen and switching the diet back to what it was prior to starting the fat burner.

I am currently 17 weeks out this weekend and roughly 218 in body weight.  The visual change has been far more than the change in scale weight and I am very pleased with my progress to this point.  Will it continue at this rate?  Probably not but it has been a very good start to this prep and I can't help but think that my body is just happy to be back in prep mode after almost 5 years.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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