Down 7 pounds?

I don't fancy myself much of a whiner but ... prepare yourself; I'm gonna whine.

I only recently stepped off the gas and am TRT for 10 weeks (8 more ... and ... counting ... slowly).  I anticipated losing scale weight but 7 pounds?  Come on, now.  Somehow, I pissed off the God of Gainz.

Oddly enough, I have been very strong while the scale weight has fallen.  I have been a well-respected Prep Guy for almost 20 years and yet I seem to need something to explain to me how this could happen.  I'm kidding; please don't respond with your best guess.  Obviously, I was holding a good amount of water and though I will flatten out a bit and lose some size over the next 8 weeks, I also know that as soon as I step on the gas again, I will fill out immediately and blow up again.  

In the meantime, I am focused doing 3 main things during this cruise phase:

1. maintaining as much muscle as possible

2. holding my condition

3. allowing nagging aches and pains to subside and recover

Though I could complicate the shit of these goals over the next 8 weeks, I know what I am doing and the plan is quite simple:

I am cutting back on volume roughly 30% as my recovery will not be as good. 

I am not going to reduce my caloric intake unless I see my condition start to slide.  Most will cut calories claiming they don't need as many calories while volume isn't as high and strength isn't as high.  I disagree and feel strongly that to increase recovery during this TRT phase, my calories need to remain as high as possible unless condition dictates I need to cut back.  Cutting calories usually will impact recovery ability.

The decrease in training volume should help the mild inflammation that I am experiencing in my left bicep tendon, my right triceps tendon and my left hamstring high near the glute.  I emphasize again that this inflammation is mild or I would take this time to rest and not train, allowing some time for the inflammation to subside considerably.  I don't feel the inflammation is bad enough to need that approach.  I typically will feel the inflammation during warm-ups and then not at all while training.  I also do not feel the inflammation after training or the following day.  This is a good sign that it is mild and should easily be rectified over the next handful of weeks.

Right now, my workouts are not impacted beyond staying away from a few exercises that might exacerbate the inflammation.  

Though I am attempting to hold as much strength as possible during this time, I will not force myself to attempt to handle weights that feel too heavy.  The plan is simply to back off slightly on the weight and add reps unless I happen to come into the gym and feel strong that day.  I suppose you could say that I am going more by the feedback that I am getting from my body vs. attempting to try to force the body to handle the heavy loads that I was using while I was gassed.  

The only thing that I have changed (at least for now) with my nutrition plan is that I am no longer starting my Skipload on Saturdays and I am only loading all day on Sundays.  It is possible that this played into the lower scale weight as I had an extra day of not loading.  Still, my scale weight is down no matter the reason.

I have roughly another 4 weeks and I will do blood work again to make sure that everything is good.  I have no reason to anticipate that it won't be but never say never.  I do the blood work to make sure that everything is good.

I also anticipate that the drop in scale weight will level off quickly if it hasn't already.  I certainly don't anticipate dropping much more weight as this phase progresses.



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