As the weeks build -- this is week 8 -- the progress continues. The week started off pretty good and I was set to "train legs" on Thursday. Of course, I was going to have limitations but I would be training them and after the last couple of months, not even my naked girlfriend excites me more.


The plan was simple:

1. Getting my knee taped at Dr Fragiskakis' house on my way to the gym

2. My normal stretching protocol

3. Some light calf work, only to get a pump with some light weights

4. Some light hamstring work with RDLs to get a pump

5. My quad "workout"

6. Go home and ice the knee, on and off, for the next couple of hours as a proactive measure


The quad workout was comprised of:

1. leg extensions only from 0-20 degrees with light weight and reps from 25-30 per set.

For those who don't know (as I didn't, if I'm being honest), 0 degrees is when the legs are straight out with full knee flexion. 45 degrees is a usual starting position for the bottom position of a leg extension (though, admittedly, some are even bigger than 45 degrees where the feet are underneath you even more).

For a visual, I would be starting at slightly higher than half way through the motion and then going to full lockout, holding the contraction and repeating. I used a STRIVE leg extension that was plate loaded and loaded it so that the top of the movement was heavier and the bottom portion of the movement was easier.


This movement was completely comfortable and there was zero pain or even irritation of either the tendonitis in my patellar tendon or the LCL. And I had a pump. I was happy. You would be, too, if you finally had a small pump after not having one in your quads for 2 months.


The next movement was to be very light angled leg presses but making sure that my foot position allowed for the same 0-20 degree range of motion but that my feet were high enough on the platform to not put undue pressure or stress on the patellar tendon (more than is necessary). I used an Icarian leg press and some of you may be familiar with this particular leg press and know that it has two different angles on the foot platform. The lower platform is more open-angled" so that you hit you quads harder (and is harder on the knees and your quad and patellar tendon). The top platform is more closed-angled so it isn't as hard on your knees and pushes more stress to your hips and glutes instead of being more quad-dominant.


I did a couple of sets and it felt great. I was actually able to get well below the 20 degree range and was more like 35 or maybe 40 (going by the visual because I was unable to actually measure the angle).

In fact, it felt so good that I decided to do one leg at a time. Obviously, I knew this was potentially more of a gamble because with one leg at a time vs. doing both legs at one time, one leg at a time doesn't provide as much stability for the knee. This wouldn't likely be an issue for the patellar tendonitis but it could be for the LCL (stability).

Everything felt great. Even the workload for both legs felt even, which was surprising. I figured that the leg with the knee issues might feel weaker but it didn't.

I did 3 sets of 15 with no issues.


I know what you're thinking. You thought this is where I reinjured myself and felt the excruciating pain.


The excruciating pain was from a procedure or method that Dr Fragiskakis used prior to my leg session and before he taped my knee. I had no idea this shit was that painful.

It was the first time I had experienced cupping. Now, if you haven't had cupping done, I will expound. It isn't the cupping that is painful. It isn't joyful or fun, but it's mildly uncomfortable at the very least. That wasn't the issue.

I was lying on my leg side on the table because he was cupping my IT band on my right leg. That is probably the closest he has ever been -- without knowing it -- to be mule kicked. Even though that is my weaker leg, I know I could have gotten him pretty good and I contemplated it when he started moving the cups.

FML. Understand that the cups were still stuck to my leg and he STARTED MOVING THEM AROUND slowly and for what felt like an eternity. He was pulling them down my leg or up or... something. I don't know; I can't remember. I do remember that it hurt worse than anything I have felt in a long time. Plus, I didn't expect it and because it hurt so fucking bad, this is probably why he didn't bother telling me he was going to do it.



He then removed the cups and said something about how this was doing something with the scarring or some shit that I couldn't follow because I felt nauseous. I don't know about any of you but when I get aggressive massage done, I feel really shitty and sick for 5-10 minutes. This felt like I was going to throw up. Unfortunately, this is going to continue to be part of the rehab.  I might lie and tell him my knee is now good to go. The pain from the injury is nothing compared to that damn cupping. OMG.


All of that aside, though, I am feeling much more positive and getting that much closer to 100%. How close? I'm not sure right now but I am closer. This week's plan is to keep the same ROM but increase the weights a bit and add slightly to the volume.

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