Once again, I've gone missing in action here at EliteFTS. I could lie to you and say that it was not intentional but to be honest, it was. Over the last little bit I've distanced myself from as many things as possible THAT HAVE MEANING. I haven't really written or made any purposeful videos in a while as I've spent all of my meaningful time that isn't family related to be work related. My non-meaningful time? Just being quiet or watching some TV.

A couple of weeks ago my father passed away and. And... Well I was typing here and there is no other way to finish that sentence.

For the last few weeks I've been doing a Question and Answer on YouTube where people can post questions and I'll answer them about a day later in a fairly low quality video mostly shot late at night and uploaded from my phone. The other day someone asked on The QnA what I'd learned from my Dad, so I just hit record and started talking.