Great week of training in the gym this week.  Pretty uneventful in that I did only straight sets but trained a little quicker this week with less rest time in between sets.  I used SLIGHTLY lower weights to ensure that I would be able to stay injury free the last week before I kick things back into gear for my off season now that my blood are even better than they were 5 weeks ago.   I don't know how bad your luck is, but I feel that had I gone into the gym this week balls out, I could have screwed something up.   Just the way my brain works, I guess.


At the beginning of the week - usually my first workout of the week -I tend to come up with a "theme" that I adhere to for the rest of the week.  This week I decided to not only keep my weights slightly lower and get more reps, but I decided to not adjust my weights up or down for my working sets for each exercise.  Basically, my first working set for each exercise dictated the weight I would use for all sets of that exercise.  I do this a lot by allowing how I feel during that first workout of the week, to dictate how the rest of the week will go as far as my method or approach to the weights that week.


My final blood numbers came back Monday:

RBC - 5.1

Hematocrit - 47.1

Hemoglobin  -  15.4.

Estradiol - 18

Testosterone - 320 (up from 209  about 5 weeks ago)


For those that don't understand or know, my hemoglobin was over 20 for about a year while I tried to figure out how to get it down.  Hematocrit was 58, as well.


Now that I am finally "healthy", I can get serious again and start packing on the muscle.  This white, hairy, skinny-fat thing isn't terribly appealing.  Seeing me naked could cause PTSD.


Filming for the Until I Collapse DVD (Longevity2) can finally get rolling after an almost 1.5 year limbo status.  I couldn't be more excited and, of course, relieved to have gotten my bloods back in line.


Must be all of the bacon I eat on Sundays.  🙂


Hope you all have a great weekend!