A few months ago my training partner was looking to compete at a contest in Germany and they were having a Fingal's Fingers event as part of the contest. I knew that we couldn't really set it up like they would have it because every Finger is different and I just simply could not justify spending that kind of money on a piece of equipment that would take up that much space and probably be only used a few times in training and competition.

So my training partner found some telephone poles and had them delivered! Took us a few weeks to get a set up that worked and as Ilya and Lily took off on their American Tour I began training them more and more by myself...and having a blast! Setting up and tearing down is not a ball of fun but I don't have any minions around to help at the moment!

I've set up a lot of Every Minute on The Minute type of stuff because I need to work on technique, I need the reps, and I don't need to die in the process! My legs aren't working right and my back and hips don't want to let me all the way down to the ground, but this is good freaking work!

What muscles does it work? Kills my legs from hips to toes, fries my lats, burns my shoulders, pecs, and triceps! I highly suggest getting a set up like this and your neighbors will love the noise too! I've had a lot of fun with these and I'll update you guys with a PR video soon!