elitefts™ Online Consultation

Our online consultation service is an open-ended service designed to give you the ability to get access to what you need to become a better athlete and/or coach.
Your consult can be used to discuss or cover any topic(s) you wish.
Each consult involves a 1-hour video call with your coach as well as email discussion before and after to make sure you get the most out of the service. 

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elitefts™ Online Consultation

Our online consultation service is designed to help athletes troubleshoot any problems you may be having with your training, nutrition, supplementation or recovery.  If you're a coach, then our consultation service can be used to further your education on a specific topic or take your coaching to the next level with our mentoring program.

We like to keep this service flexible to allow you to use it for whatever purpose suits you best.


Frequent Topics:

  • Technique analysis - Have our coach assess any lifts that you are having trouble with. They can then prescribe technical adjustments, identify weak points and make programming/assistance exercise recommendations to get you progressing again.
  • Individual programming - Tell your coach about what you're looking to achieve with your programming in the short, moderate and long term. Together you can brainstorm and plan how to approach your programming. 
  • Improving nutrition and recovery - Use your consult to assess your current nutrition, supplementation and recovery protocols to improve the results you're getting from your training. This will also improve your day to day health!
  • Mentoring - Take advantage of our discounted price for multiple consultations and set up a regular call with one of our coaches where you can enhance your knowledge on specific subjects, review your current practices and be given areas and topics to research.

Improved performance, knowledge, health and more can be attained through our online consultations.

Every consult will consist of:

  • An initial email conversation with your coach to discuss what you wish to achieve during the upcoming consult.
  • A 1-hour video call with your coach to discuss the topics you have agreed upon.
  • Follow-up email contact with your coach to ask any further questions you may have or troubleshoot any issues you may have run into.

Unlock enhanced performance, knowledge, and well-being through our online consultation services today. We look forward to working with you!

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