Here it is in a nutshell:
I am not working out and I am eating once or twice a day.

This concludes my Coach Log entry for the day.

Just kidding, but not really.

While I am "cleaning out", I sometimes just am not motivated to train.  I WANT to train but only because I don't want to be a fat slob.  So, I do not fight with myself to get to the gym and workout.

Most people use more energy finding ways to motivate themselves and feel like they just cannot afford to stay out of the gym.  I am different.  I have done this shit long enough that I know there will be periods of time where I am just not motivated to train.  Instead of fighting it, I simply do not train.  I have learned that the easiest way to motivate myself is to stay out of the gym until I feel like going back in and that is usually when the sight of myself in the mirror makes me feel like shit.  I am closing in on that as I type this.

I can go from in shape to looking like a pig very quickly.  Thankfully, I can go from looking like a pig to being back in shape relatively quickly, as well. 

I need 8 weeks to clean out and I will do blood work again.  Though I plan to be back in the gym long before that 8 weeks is up, I consider this my "Kevin Levrone" time.  I am going to do anything I want and not have anything to do with the gym for at least this week and this will be my 3rd week off.  Will I be in next week?  Maybe - maybe not.  I will make that determination at some point either Sunday night or Monday morning.  Seriously, I am just not terribly concerned about it.  

I am burnt out - I won't candy coat it.  I am not depressed and I am not the least bit concerned about not being in shape... yet.  I do this every few years where I have a period of time where I just want to get away from the gym, bodybuilding and dieting, and just not even think about it.  Before you say you can't comprehend doing that, I would say to you to do this for 34 years and then let me know if you don't have a few times that you don't feel like doing anything bodybuilding related.  I'll wait...

I'm 100% or nothing and right now, it is nothing. I could care less to eat so I eat when I am hungry and that is usually once a day when I have been up for 6-8 hours and I am starving.  I then might snack before I go to bed and that is my diet right now.  I have not tanned, shaved (my body - of which I am usually always shaved) or taken a supplement in the last 3 weeks.  It does make for some boring coach logs - I know.  

I admit that it was difficult, at first, to go from being in great shape to not being in great shape, but the motivation is just not there.  However, it doesn't bother me like it bothers other people because I know it will come back.  The question is whether it will be tomorrow, next week or a few weeks.  I'll keep you posted.