We have two weeks of camp.  With the NCAA ruling of only one practice a day the  guys certainly aren't nearly as beat up (or as tough) as they usually are, which is beneficial all around.

During the two weeks of camp we'll be lifting four times.  I've decided that we won't be squatting (with a bar on their backs) during camp.  As boring as it seems, I'm thinking about doing the same basic lift four times.  I'll make some slight changes here and there to exercises, but the same basic plan will be followed.

Our first lift looked like this:

  • Bench (70% of training max): 5/5/3/3/3 (sets of 3 follow the 3-Set Progression)
  • Pull-aparts or Face Pulls: 2x25
  • DB Squat: 30 total reps
  • Pull-ups: 2x6 (Skill/Big SKill)
  • DB Row: 2x10 (Skill/Big Skill)
  • Hammer Circuit (OL/DL): 4x10
  • RDL: 2x10
  • Shoulder Health: 30-50 reps
  • Stability Ball Leg Curls: 2x10

This lift took 30 minutes for both offense and defense.  At this time of year we lift in units (47 offense/44 defense).  During the season we have three groups so they will move even faster.

I am still finalizing the basic plan for in-season workouts.  I have to look at the schedule and figure out how I want the progression to go.  I try to set it up so that we can push a little if our opponent isn't as good or if we have a home game v. a road game.

I'll spend some time checking this out and finishing the plan in the next week or so.