We have a few more returning players back on campus.  Not nearly enough, but a few more.  Their workouts will remain the same with a few slight changes.

  1. They do the 3-Set Progression instead of the 4-Set.  The idea is as we get closer to camp I need to keep their legs fresh.  With an increase in running/conditioning I have to back off in the weight room.
  2. We'll do less straight line conditioning and use more cone drills/change of direction to continue to build their overall conditioning level.
  3. Upper body work will remain the same.  We'll continue to build it up with fairly high volume.  The only real stress on their upper body at this point is lifting so I can keep working them as usual.
  4. With freshmen (31) on campus and training there's a lot more teaching to the returning players about leadership and bringing the freshmen along.  The basic message is simple.  If you want the freshmen to act a certain way that's how you need to act.  If you screw around, they'll screw around.  If you cut corners, they're cut corners.  Classic lead by example.  If we end up having a group of freshmen who are a problem it's the returning players fault.  At some point they have to take control of the culture they want to have.  It can only come from the coaches so much before players tune them out.  If it constantly comes from the players there's usually more buy in.  That's where I try to help the older kids understand their role as leaders, regardless of whether or not they're voted captains or not.

So far, it's been a good week.  I'm curious how they respond when they go from being sore to actually being tired in another week or so.

I have them do an incredibly large amount of work.  Certainly much more than they are used to in high school.  It takes some time for them to figure out how to work hard, although this group is the best I've seen to this point in my 4 years as a football strength coach.

We shall see how things continue.