This won't be my typical long-winded Coach Log. 
I know, you're bummed.

The FREE version of the TRTbodybuilding/Longevity2 Online DVD is now available.

27 chapters and over 30 hours of information related to my transition from "regular" competitive bodybuilding to TRT bodybuilding starting in 2013.

I developed blood issues in 2013 and had to take a closer look at my health and whether I was going to continue taking risks or be smart and make "longevity" my priority. 

I detail everything that it took and everything I went through to successfully transition over the last 4 years.  This includes but is not limited to my thoughts and experience with:

*offseason and contest prep training

*offseason and prep nutrition



*"The" Fat Burner

*The SCGS Compound 

The evolution of Skiploading and how it is different today vs. the first Longevity DVD 6 years ago

*How I went from chronic lower back issues and not knowing if I could even continue to train to having almost no limitations today

And much more including some family fun stuff, too.

I believe that there is at least a little something for everyone from the beginner to the intermediate and even information for those that consider themselves advanced.

If you enjoy the DVD and find it informative, please share with your friends, training partners and anyone else that you feel can benefit from this information.

If you think it sucks, I'm sure you will let me know in the comments, per usual.

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