And Friday was here! This is my normal Log Press day but I've just about sworn off Log Pressing or any overhead pressing because it kills my back and my back is either going to get some rest or it will soon end me. So it became my bench press day again and that has been fairly fun! I've set a few bench press and incline log press PRs lately so I can't complain (no more than usual). Today was going to be bench press against bands and weight releasers both raw and in gear (after speed work) and then possibly some incline log and then Fingal's Fingers at the end. Ilya and Lily head off to Germany to compete next week and we just got these awesome poles and Ilya needs the practice!

Speed Bench:
145 + mini bands + 100 lbs in releasers x 2 x 5 sets, short rest periods
195 + all that x 1
215 + all that x 1
237 + all that x 1

Add Shirt
237 + min bands + 100 releasers x 1
268 + all that x 1
285 + all that x 1, technically a PR?

Ilya and Lily showed up as I was doing my last set so I spent the next while talking to them while they warmed up.

Lily was doing speed bench so I did some triceps with what she was speed benching (she was stronger than me still).

Ilya did some log pressing as it was the first time he has pressed a log over his head since dropping the heavy log on his toe a few weeks back and getting a nice full fracture/break from it. Just enough confidence today to believe he can press a 375 log when he needs to this weekend.

We were going to do some incline log press but they seem to bother his bicep and shoulder a little and getting this far without a major injury is an achievement so we skipped it and started playing with our poles outside.

Small pole x 2 sets, felt good and light, no splinters yet.

Big pole x 2 sets, did not feel light but still got zero splinters! I can for sure tell that my pressticles are all weak and not having feeling in my toes and feet makes things VERY FREAKING DIFFICULT but this is something to work on. If this is another exercise that I can use to strengthen my pressticles that doesn't bore me OR hurt my back then IT IS HUGE! I can do this 3x per week in varying levels and make huge progress in all my pressticles as well as my calves, feet, upper and mid back, and some cardio! Huge success finding something that I totally suck at because all I have to do is train it and I'll get stronger AND as it progresses so will everything else! Huge day!

As always, great music makes life better and I hope that you have as much fun in your day as I sure as heck have!

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