Well, Friday came and we had some issues going on.

1) Friday is Weightlifting Day and chemo night...twice
2) My son had a school program Friday at school and was sick
3) My wife was feeling sick
4) Sunday, Powerlifting Sunday, needed to be Baptism and Birthday Party Sunday
5) Most importantly I was feeling sick

So I made it to my son's school to meet my wife after school, then we went home.

Although she looked amazing and was giving me The Stink Eye, she was feeling bad and wanted to get home. Nausea was hitting me and I wanted to get home as well. When she walked in the door she put her sleeping clothes on, so I knew it was "OK" if I suggested that I might not train today.

We nibbled on some fruit at the kitchen table and then all three of us headed to the couch to watch The Archer, two episodes before I headed off to the pharmacy and they went to sleep. I got everyone medicine and got back home and laid down and slept myself.


I asked my son WHY he was eating MY Doritos and his reply was "They belong to whoever gets them from the drawer...."

Woke up and we all cuddled back on the couch again to watch TWO MORE EPISODES sitting together...well, almost 🙂