This is the week that I get below 210 and this is where the magic happens. In the past, for every pound I drop below the 210 mark, detail increases substantially. I haven't been here in quite a while and when I was last here, I was TRT so it was less than impressive. I'm excited for what lies ahead.

I changed my supplementation a little over a week ago and I changed it at the same time that I Skiploaded and followed that with a high-carb day. I anticipated being watery but was not. I simply blew up. The workouts that followed were some of the best I have had during this cut phase and the weights I put up were retarded (for me). Everything moved easily and smoothly and my joints felt great. The pump was skin-splitting. This lasted about 4 days before I was getting more depleted, again, but the workouts have still been great.

I am training again very late at night due to limited training options at this point. I am still very fortunate to have the resources to be able to train without having to train at home. However, this is cutting into my sleep just a bit. It's a fair trade in the sense that everything is going very well and my progress is great. It would be nice, however, to be able to train earlier starting in the next couple of weeks so I am hoping this happens.

No diet changes have been made for a month. No cardio, though I have been consistently doing nightly walks with my wife and daughter so this is increasing my NEAT.  I am noticing that my legs are much better off without the added cardio as my legs usually take a pretty big hit when cardio is added. It cuts into my leg training quite a bit. I am able to destroy legs without worrying about the cardio potentially pushing my recovery abilities too far.

More importantly, though, I feel healthy. I feel great and this cut phase has been relatively easy so far. I say "relatively" because it is never easy but it has been easier and more productive than any cut phase I have done in a long time.

I have one more training cycle of 5 days and I will either high-carb or skipload or combine both, again. I have no set schedule or this and simply go by how I feel. I can say that I actually prefer the high-carb days right now vs an all-day skipload because I am not stuffed with the high-carb meals. Hunger never plays into my decisions but even if it did, I haven't been ravenously hungery to this point in this cut phase and it has been 14 weeks, already.

On a side note, I did have to wash all of my training gear. After moving from Colorado where I could leave my gym bag in my car between training sessions and everything would stay fresh and dry out, that doesn't happen in South Florida. I caught a whiff of my wrist straps the other day and was thrown by how horrible they smelled. So, everything went into the wash today. I can't be smelling nasty in the gym whether anyone else is there or not.

I have to wonder if doing this cutting phase during the quarantine period has made this all easier to some degree. I have something to focus on that I have complete control over vs. everything else that is going on that I have no control over. I tend to this that the timing of it all is not as bad as I originally thought it would be. I mean, with nothing else to do I might as well get shredded.


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