Wanted to detail my Skipload and make some notes about some of the foods to give you better insight as to how I do this.

As I have stated previously in my coach logs and as my articles (as recently as "The Great Fructose Debate", I start my Skiploads with Sucrose for the first meal or two and then switch over to more starchy carbs for the rest of the Skipload.  My fat starts lower (though it would not be considered "low fat") and and goes higher as the carbs shift over to being more starchy later in the Skipload.

I have attached pictures to show the foods and to also point out the huge differences in pizzas and what is a good pizza to load on and what is not.

Meal 1
Vanilla Dulche De Luche French Toast (2 orders on one plate)
Short Rib Benedict on Potato Cakes
A bit of a carrot raisin muffin but didn't eat much of it and couldn't eat 2 pieces of the french toast as I was full


And just to show off, here is the view during breakfast with my wife.


Dulce De Luche crepe with bananas and walnuts 
Red Velvet crepe with strawberries and chocolate ganache with ice cream
Brioche french toast with vanilla custard and berries


Lamb Burger (lamb and beef) with whipped goat cheese, Purple Haze Raspberry Jam, Dijonnaise, Tomato and Onion 
Sweet Potato Fries


Pizza with ham, mushrooms, black olives and onions



I get asked about pizza on Skiploads a LOT - more than any other food, probably. Understand that there are "good" pizzas and "bad" pizzas to load with. I always push for the good ones and a good one means that the crust is DRY or "floury" and not oily. I have pictures to show what I am talking about. I also recommend not having fatty toppings like sausage, pepperoni, etc.. I do use ham if it isn't a lot and I also recommend a pizza that isn't 1/2 inch deep with cheese. You will notice in the pictures that the crust is very dry, the toppings are thin (especially the cheese) and the toppings aren't "heavy" like pepperoni, sausage, etc.. This type of pizza is very low in fat relative to most other pizzas and very high in carbs. You can also tell how fatty a pizza is by how long it sits with you after you eat it. If you are hungry again in 2 hours, your pizza is PROBABLY not very heavy. And always eat the crust. If you leave the crust, you are missing out on added low-fat carbs only to go back to the main part of the next piece of pizza which is heavier than the crust in regards to fat intake.

I only managed 4 meals but felt that it was a pretty good load. I was going to go with another meal but didn't feel the need as I was filling out nicely and my appetite didn't scream for more food. I was also not stuffed at any point in the day other than for a bit of time after the first meal. Still, I was hungry again in 5 hours.

I will be coming back to only single-session cardio for the remainder of the week to take advantage of the carbs for really good workout through the weekend. By Monday, I will shift to double cardio for all of next week and evaluate from there.

I anticipate finishing up next week below 210 without much problem and likely even as low as 208. The weight doesn't matter as much as the look but I am just trying to give you some reference with a black and white measure.