Yes, you read that correctly...I made it to Age 40! If I could count all of the people in my 20's that said I'd never make it to 40 or the occasional Dr that said that my disease would have caught up to me by now...I'd have a few more bucks in my pocket 🙂

So I turned 40, got hugs from everyone before I went out the door and then...

I got to the gym and realized I'd lost my mind.

1) I left all 3 pair of my knee sleeves at home.
2) I left my camera batteries and charger at home.
3) I left my BCAA's at home.
4) I left my camera lights at home

So I took it as a sign and just went through some motions without ripping off a limb. I still have some serious pain and numbness from a pinched nerve in my neck/back/shoulder so this will remain a warm up and movility day for me for now.