Guys, I was thumbing through Instagram the other day, like one does, and I came across the #Conjugate section and there was a whole group of people that were posting their Dynamic Effort Squat Session and they were finishing it up with some cardio and plyometric box jumps. Immediately my mind was crossing wires and sparks were flying out of my ears. I was sitting on the couch at the time because I'd done my DE Lower session the day before and my legs were so dead that I was pretty much stuck on the couch. After my box squats I had to sit and rediscover who I was for a while as my eyes had fully crossed a time or two and the walls were still shaking from the Metallica, ACDC, and Motley Crue. AND THEN I had to nail my good mornings, speed deads, and heavy Glute Ham Raises. It was my plan to go outside and do some Super Yoke into Frame Walk technical practice but I nearly fell down the steps outside of my gym walking in that direction.

Before I left the gym I called my wife to tell her to make sure to track my phone because if I ended up getting wild eyed and lost on the way back home she would have to find me and come get me...or I'd still be puking on the side of the road somewhere.

And there are people who are doing super high box jumps at the end of their #Conjugate DE Lower Sessions? C'mon y'all, stop using that hashtag! You've missed the point somewhere.

Your DE Lower Session should be the toughest thing you do all week! You should not be "right" in the head at the end of it and you should have brought ice packs to the gym with you, probably a fan, some candy bars and orange juice, a medical card, and possibly a Bible with the names and numbers of your next of kin in it! Not a plan to do some 50 inch box jumps!

Training October 26 2020.Still006