As most know, my test levels have been hovering around the 200 mark since roughly the beginning of November. During that time my goal was to simply hold onto as much strength as possible.  What actually happened was I got stronger on about half of my movements over the last 4 months.


Some of you may be scoffing and to be honest, I would have never expected it (and didn't) but 2 main things changed and were huge contributors:

1.  I trained much harder

2.  I ate more calories.


I had become complacent over the last year or so with my training.  I found myself training hard but certainly not hard enough to really force any change and was simply enjoying not competing and holding onto my typical condition of being really lean and in pretty good shape.  To be in really good shape, I have to keep my calories quite restricted as I don't prefer to do a lot of cardio.


After a year or so of staying quite lean with the lower calories, my body responded quite well to the increase in calories and even with a low test level, I was able to increase my strength.  Now, I did not get larger but I did get stronger.  I can only imagine what kind of progress I would have made, or could make, if my test levels were higher.


The diet that I have used for the last 4 months has remained relatively unchanged and has been structured like this:


Meal 1

Protein drink with nuts


Meal 2

Eggs, plain greek yogurt, berries, cheese


Meal 3

Potatoes cooked in coconut oil, grassfed beef, cheese


TRAIN  -  BCAAs with carbs in my workout water


Post-workout (Meal 4)

3 poptarts

protein drink


Meal 5

Repeat the potato, beef and cheese meal


Meal 6

Protein drink with nuts



On Sundays my meals were not typical Skiploading meals but they were higher in fat.  An example of my last Sunday:

Meal 1

Pumpkin pancakes with butter and syrup, bacon, sausage, tater tots with ketchup


Meal 2

Gnocchi with sauce and baked french bread


Meal 3

Beau Jos Pizza from their smart menu (lower fat toppings made with feta and mozzarella cheese)


Meal 4

More of the same bfast (because you can never get enough bacon)


Meal 5

Low fat ice cream before bed



My body composition is NOT good, I admit it.  I do not like not being crazy lean but I needed to get through to March and hold as much strength as possible.  In March everything goes up a level and I am looking forward to killing workouts and growing again now that my blood is good.   In this case, it was the right decision to sacrifice my condition to be able to improve instead of potentially waste away had I kept calories low and tried to stay lean for this phase.