How To Fix Your Deadlift 101

I was wrapping up everything for bed tonight and I popped up my Instagram and a young man had sent me a video to look at. At first, I had no idea why he was sending me this video and description unless it was a client that was having problems getting his videos to go to YouTube or my email and I was just so tired I couldn't recognize him...then I realized it was someone who had sent me a question during an "Ask Me Anything" where he asked if Trap Bar Deadlift was a good Max Effort Exercise for him or not.


Really honestly I saw the video and I came really close to tearing his deadlift apart. I mean, there were at least 5 MAJOR things wrong with his deadlift that led to the "sort of hitch". There was a lot going on. But..instead of typing the things that he did wrong (I have a bad habit of doing this with clients and eventually explain to them that they WANT me to find every mistake) I stepped back and asked a question that I hope he answers tomorrow.


I really think that if you have a favorite deadlifter you should be able to imitate them nearly perfectly...especially if you are a younger lifter and they are older. Heck, that is how most people from my generation learned to lift! Magazines! If you are my age...think back to that photo of Ed Coan Deadlifting. Which one? You don't even have to know which one! Was his head up or was he looking at the ground like people are teaching today? Were his shoulders rounded or was his chest up like Super Man? Upper body FULL of air! I never actually managed to imitate Ed Coan's deadlift with even 1/2 of his 900+ lbs but I darn sure did try!

And that is what I want this young man to do. I want him to have a favorite deadlifter and study that person's deadlifts nonstop. Then study his own nonstop. Then notice the differences in every movement from set up to the down signal. If he, you, and I can do that...we can fix a lot about our deadlifts!

Now, let's all hope he doesn't pick someone that I absolutely can't stand as his favorite deadlifter of all time... I'll let you know what happens!


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