I wasn't going to post about this but I figure I have been about as transparent as I can possibly be for this prep and I want to continue to do so.  I feel that the information I have can help someone and keeping it to myself because of a bad decision I have made doesn't help anyone.  I make mistakes and I learn from them.  If you want to judge me for that, you can do that.

I had a night, last night.  It will be too long to explain in complete detail but I will disclose the important components for you so that you are aware of what happened.

I decided to run the fat burner again.  Why?  Because I, just like you and others, want to be shredded and I reacted to it very well the first time and not so well the second time but I figured I was not going to load while using it this time and everything would be back to awesomeness.  However, there was one other thing:  I wanted to up the dosage this time.

Long story short:  I was handling the heat just fine - no problem, at all.  Sure, in front of the fan and was warm from time to time, but nothing out of the ordinary.

What was out of the ordinary is that my breathing because very labored and heavy and I was holding a ton of water - like 16 pounds of water.  This is without loading as I stated previously.  My diet was tight as hell and low carb and water intake was very high along with electrolytes.  My feet looked like sausages and were rolling out of my Sperrys (because I wear Sperrys).

I could not lie down to sleep.  Well, I could but when I did I couldn't breathe very well and was concerned something was going to happen to me.  I didn't sleep but maybe an hour all night.  It is a really bad feeling when you can't seem to get a full breath of air and have to breathe quickly with short breaths.  It was hard not to have even more anxiety due to this but I kept myself calm and made it through the night.

I will admit that I was scared.  I was so focused on worrying about if I could tolerate the heat from the fat burner that I didn't consider issues like higher blood pressure, labored breathing (and I live at 9k feet, anyway, so that likely made it worse) and the concern that something might happen to me.

I was dehydrated though holding a ton of water.  I was drinking plenty of water and electrolytes were in line with what they should have been.  I just have proven that even though the first run of the fat burner was awesome and I tolerated it very well, I cannot use the damn thing consecutively because I am not sure that dire circumstances weren't far off.  I can't imagine what my heart was going through.

I feel a lot better right now - about noon the following day (though tired from a lack of sleep).  I am certainly not "good" but better.  I am holding water up to my calves but the labored breathing is gone and I feel now that I can lie down and sleep without something happening to me.  I was not at all convinced of that last night.

When I say I am "losing the week", I basically mean that I am not going to train or do cardio for a few days and let my body recover from this and then move on with my prep.  Thankfully, I am ahead of schedule (though not as much as I was a month ago) and can still be in top shape in 6 and 8 weeks from this coming weekend.  I am not going to do anything training or cardio or diet wise until I feel this fat burner is worked out of my system and that likely won't be until the weekend or close to it.

Mrs. Skip is doing just fine with it.  I am not.  That is the difference in that some people can tolerate things much better than others and some people can benefit from things that others can't.

I did not "need" to use it because my condition is so good.  However, I am still like a lot of you in that I get curious, want to learn and want to experience taking it to the next level.  All of that was cool until it hit me at 4am that the rest of my life could be impacted by this poor decision.  Moving forward I am done with the fat burner.