I Don't Have Regular Injuries

As if this TRT phase doesn't suck bad enough, this nagging "elbow" issue has finally been diagnosed... on facetime ... by my Doc friend.  Don't knock it; I didn't have to pay a co-pay and he's smart as hell.  Took him about 2 minutes to diagnose it.  

This is the result of that dumbbell press incident about 4 weeks ago.  It isn't "painful" but it is nagging me so I figured I better check to make sure it isn't serious or at least something that might TURN serious if I do something wrong.  I was training the other night and it occurred to me how shitty it would be if I had a partial tear in a tendon (biceps tendon?) and was an accident waiting to happen.  The thought of 6-9 months out of the gym just didn't sit well with me.

I was putting heavies dumbbells in my lap for dumbbell presses when I heard a pop in my left biceps.  I almost stopped right then and there but I waited a minute and it didn't seem to hurt and there was no bruising or anything of the sort so I went ahead with the set.  I had no issues but it did ache a little bit.  I finished chest and shoulders with no real issues and figured it would be sore when I went to bed. 

I woke up the next day and it wasn't sore so I planned to train back but was going to be really careful and likely train back light.  I warmed up and didn't feel anything so I trained back hard as hell and had no issues.  I figured I had dodged a bullet until I went to train biceps later in the week and felt it aching again - not painful but aching.  I was still able to train biceps but it seemed to bother me only when I supinated my wrist so I only did fixed machine curls and straight bar curls leaning into an incline.  I figured I would just play it safe.

It would then get better for a few days and I would think it was gone until I warmed up to train chest and shoulders again and I could feel it.  This happened over about 3 weeks before I figured I better check on it to see if it was something worse than I had originally thought.

The diagnosis? A strained supinator.  It doesn't hurt to pronate but I feel it when I supinate my wrist.  If I don't supinate my wrist, I don't feel it.

He told me that I didn't have to stop training but to just train around it because it is a small muscle that is used primarily for stabilization so it should get better if I don't irritate it with movements that require too much movement at the wrist.

In a sense, I did dodge a bullet because I was worried it was a biceps tendon issue.  That would have sucked and required some time off - more than wanted to take, for sure.

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Outside of this little issue, progress is good right now while 4 weeks into TRT and I have started my MK for 4 weeks to make sure IGF levels are good.  

My strength is holding quite well though I admit to not pushing terribly heavy right now, demanding that my body hold the strength that I acquired.  I am instead doing more supersets while still training as heavy as is comfortable on my joints. 

Weight is also holding at around 222 - down from 226-227.  The only issue that I really am dealing with is my hunger is out of control for some reason.  I find myself never really satisfied with meals and that is leading to cravings and if you know me, I don't usually crave much of anything, even while dieting down.

I have another 7 weeks before I step on the gas again so I am just trying to enjoy the process and keep having great workouts.  Again, I admit that I hate being TRT but it is a necessary evil.

 I just need to get to Sunday so I can have more BBQ. 

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