It's funny, when you get into a rhythm and things are going so well - not just in one area of your life but everything is synced and you just feel really good.  That's where I am this week.

Training was changed to 5 days and cardio was increased (still double sessions but 45 and then 30 postworkout) and as much as I thought I would be dragging ass, I feel great.  

Cardio is weird.  I hate it, typically, but when I get into a routine of doing it and I am doing a lot of it I actually weirdly enjoy it and enjoy how it makes me feel - not just leaner but energized or something.  I don't really know how to explain it.

I do have to make up a cardio session on Saturday morning and most of you know how I feel about doing cardio or training on the weekend - not cool with it.  I had no choice because with the new training schedule I just didn't know how long it would take to train and now that we are training later in the week at Armbrust Pro Gym, they close at 10pm and I am not used to racing the clock anymore due to training at 24 Hour Fitness.  I came up short and didn't have time to do the session.

Training back and chest twice is awesome and I was going to lower the volume but decided to keep it the same for now.  I also am training 1 exercise of 4 to 5 sets for side delts after chest and 1 exercise for triceps, as well.  After back I do 1 exercise for rear delts and 1 exercise for biceps.  Not killing the muscle as much as hitting it hard, quick and getting a good pump.  I leave the bigger weights and killing the muscle for earlier in the week.  It's too early to tell if I like it or not but it went well yesterday and today so that's a good start.

As I noted in my last log post, I am continuing to drop body fat based almost entirely on how long my Skipload is.  I am now to roughly 1.5 days and will do the same this weekend.  I have never loaded this long before so that part is weird but there is no doubt that it is working incredibly well and I am not going to be stupid and change it.  I actually hate the eating after about the first 2 meals.  It becomes quite a chore to get all of the food down for that long of a load time.  SCGS compound is in full effect, of course.  I am also pushing a LOT more water during the load, as well, and this is helping tremendously.  I typically am baselined by Tuesday or very close to it and then under baseline considerably by Wednesday.  That is my lowest weight of the week as I tend to come up just a little bit Thursday and Friday and then hold.

To provide some idea of what I will load over that time frame, I will lay out the preliminary plan:
I start with higher carbs and lower fat with something like an IHOP french toast, pancake, toast, eggs, feast around 7pm Saturday.
I will then have something like a quality burger and fries (not fast food like McDonalds or Burger King) around 11pm or midnight.  This is more of a moderate fat moderate carb meal and will not use the SCGS compound.  I might have 2 burgers or I might have even a dessert - not sure until I sit down.


Sunday I start with a gourmet breakfast that includes french toast, pancakes and probably an egg benedict.

I will get a Starbucks Frappuccino in there somewhere just to piss off the fat shaming judgmental people because I typically don't do heavy calorie Starbucks drinks.  Just not my thing though they fit the loading criteria quite well.
I will then do sushi in the afternoon and the evening meal is wide open but I am leaning towards Beau Jos Pizza but it could be a gourmet burger.  Again, not sure until I get there.


FullSizeRender (8)

I finish this week at 202 and I have 9 and 11 weeks to go to the shows,  still.  I am very happy with my condition and progress but still have no idea where I will end up in reference to body weight.  I would hope that I can maintain 190 but I just don't know.

Mrs. Skip is still improving and progressing well but her Mother has surgery end of May and that is going to be tough to schedule a trip back home for.  She is committed to staying the course so we will keep plugging away and see how it goes.

Mrs. Skip and I are staying downtown Saturday night because we don 't do much the last few months due to dieting and training and such.  Should be a nice way to relax and have fun and combine it with the Skipload.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

picture credit: TAG Burger Bar Denver, CO