I suck at marketing

I’ve never been great at marketing myself, the gym or my products. Thankfully word of mouth has been effective enough to keep the gym going as well as to sell a steady amount of Home GHRs and OBB Power Handles.

Although it’s a very beneficial training tool, the The Powerloop isn’t selling as well as I had hoped. Because of this, and my poor marketing skills, posts like this (from someone I don’t even know) are greatly appreciated and reaffirm that everyone who trains heavy could benefit from the use of the Powerloop.

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"Doing some back and arm assistance work today, I thought to myself “why not put the @powerloop to use?” So I pulled it down and went to work.

Before I go on, I have to preface this by saying I get nothing for posting this, not a thing. That said, I used it with all my pressing today and damn... I absolutely love the loop and foresee it being an extremely beneficial tool.

At this very moment, sitting in my gym contemplating my life choices, I want to both praise Brian (@plant_based_wolverine ) and also curse him.

The powerloop exposes weaknesses like nothing else I’ve tried. I struggle with “pulling the bar apart” when I bench and I can 100% tell a difference since using this. My tris, lower trap, and rear delts (areas I know I need work on) are lit up. I can’t wait to incorporate it in my training more."

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