For those that follow me on social media:  
Notice I haven't posted any pictures of myself lately??
Look, I'm comfortable in my skin, but let's face it, no one wants to take pictures of themselves after they were in great shape 3 months ago and are now fighting to get back to that point.   

You can tell when I'm fat (not just from, well, my FAT) when you see me in the gym covered up in long sweats and a hoodie... in the middle of August.   

It's a process.
I have managed to get my tan back.  Priorities.
I also shaved this week.  That means I am getting there.  When I am fat or not training I rarely shave.  No sense having smooth legs (and balls if it matters - and it should) if I am just going to cover them up with sweats, anyway.  If I were a swinger I would be shaved all the time.  Can't be a swinger when you're fat.  Fat swingers - Eww.

TRT is kicking in.  I have desires.  Again.  Finally.
I can feel my recovery is 1000 times better than it was only 2 weeks ago.
Things are slowly turning for the better.

With this being the 3rd week back, I feel that at 4 weeks I will be in a pretty good spot to start cardio and speed up the fat loss process again.  I have been getting leaner, but only because of increasing calories and training again.  It is slowing down just a bit and it will be time to throw in the cardio again.  Yay me.

In looking at old pictures of when I was 21, it is surprising (and sucky) how as we age we carry body fat completely different than when we were younger.  The older we get, the more body fat we tend to carry on our back side vs. our front.  I didn't have ripped glutes when I was 21 but I did have virtually no body fat on my lower back and my lats were pretty detailed.  I was balanced front to back as far as leanness.  These days, I carry almost all of my fat on my lower back, obliques and side boob, but am leaner in my arms, legs and calves.  There is nothing less sexy and reeking of being old than a guy with side boob.  

I see a couple of these young bastards in the gym these days and just shake my head at how they carry their body fat so evenly front to back and head to toe even though they aren't ripped.  They can be moderately lean and look great.  I have to be ripped to not have lower back fat and chest fat.  Getting old sucks ... well, side boob.

Enough about side boob.

I took my hoodie off yesterday to train in only a t-shirt.

Hey, it's progress.