People like to bust my balls quite a bit when I change things, try different stuff, mess with Skiploading, mess with my training, etc. 

"Why don't you just leave everything alone and do it the way you know it works. Why do you have to always fuck with shit, Skip?"

BECAUSE THAT IS BORING. That's why. Plus, there is and will always be a better way to do something, even if it's a minor tweak, complete overhaul, etc. Doing the same thing over and over is just not something I care to do. That would mean I learn nothing new.  

I was getting depleted earlier this week and knew I was a couple of days from loading again. However, these loading days are just horrible. I know, I know, "how bad can it be to stuff your face with french toast, burgers, ciabatta bread toast with butter and jam, etc, and continue to get leaner and leaner?"

Its BRUTAL because the more food I force on these load days, the leaner I get. This means there is little enjoyment other than the first half of the first meal of the day. The rest of the day sounds like this in my head, "fuck me, I have to eat again and I'm still kind of full."

I get incredibly distended by the end of the day that I look pregnant. I finish a meal always thinking, "ok, I can get one more piece of toast with jam or another small bowl of granola cereal and then I'm calling it quits for this meal." I am pushing as much food as I can physically handle. If you don't think it sucks, try it once. You will agree with me, trust me.

I'm a couple of days from another load earlier this week and I keep running over in my head, "how can I make this load more effective and possibly push my food through me quicker, allowing me to get even more food in me?" The thought occurred to me that I would combine high-carb meals with skipload foods. Now, I have already been doing a version of this in that I have loaded a few times by starting with a skipload meal or two, and then switching to just high-carb meals. However, as much as this is working, I just don't feel it is ideal in that it isn't allowing me to get as many macros as I can while just skiploading. High-carb meals are clean, higher in carbs and lower in fat. They have fiber and they take up more space in my gut than foods that are processed (more condensed). I figured that I should try combining the two in each meal.

I started each meal with my high-carb meal of purple rice, mango, goat cheese, pumpkin seeds, ginger and sesame dressing, and instead of chicken breast, I substituted chicken sausage for a change of pace. By the way, this meal is fucking incredible. It tastes incredibly good and goes down quickly.


After finishing this high-carb meal, I am only about half-full, so I planned to finish the meal with skipload foods at that point until I was full. For my first meal, I added ciabatta bread that I toast (yum) and added butter and preserves. I also added granola cereal with almond milk. I did this until I was full.


I noticed that after about 3 hours I was actually hungry again which is not common. The next meal was the same high-carb meal, but I then added french toast with butter and syrup until I was full. 


Again, after 3 hours I wasn't stuffed like I usually am and continue doing this every 3 hours.

What I found was that the food was moving through me better, probably because of the added fiber from the rice and fruit for each high-carb meal. 

I also ended up not holding anywhere near as much water the following day AND woke up the following day hungry. That doesn't usually happen because the following day after a huge skipload, I still have food in my gut, still am a little distended, and when I add my regular diet meals back in, I am quite full with those meals for the rest of that first day. That didn't happen this time. In fact, I baselined in only 3 days and all of the water was gone after only 2 days.

I have only done this one time, though. I will try it again for the next load day to see if the patterns remain the same. If they do, this could well be the way I continue to load moving forward. It seems to be the best answer to my issues of being stuffed and getting more food in at the same time without being as miserable.

Outside of the loading this last week, I am 7 weeks out this weekend and will break baseline again probably on Monday. If not Monday, probably Tuesday. 

The loading during this prep has allowed me to maintain some pretty good poundages (for me) throughout the prep. I pulled stronger on back day, yesterday, than at any point in this prep, so far. Everything was up from my rowing to my lat pulls. That may happen for some at 7 weeks out, but it never happens for me. I usually am losing some strength long before 7 weeks out. It's a nice change and I am curious how long it will last. At the same time, I am being very careful to not be stupid and ONLY train heavy, all of the time. I am being more calculated with when I train heavier and being smart. I have had no injuries during this prep phase and I want to keep it that way.

To the haters: Keep hating, because everything is going incredibly well. Just remember, you can always get on stage with me if you want to beat me. You can beat me on structure and size, all day, but you're going to have to work your ass off to be me on conditioning. And if you can't, it's going to hurt even more because I've been eating french toast, cereal and burgers while you've been starving yourself. 



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