If Anyone Has Seen My Delt Caps

Fault me if you want to, but using my wife's boobs to get you to click on my Coach Log is totally legal.  Just don't tell her.

I only have about 2 more weeks of this TRT crap and my delts and everything else will reappear.  I noticed just today that everything has just kind of gone "flat."  I don't have the roundness or the fullness but I have managed to hold onto quite a bit of strength over the last 10 weeks.  

My condition has slid a little bit and yet my diet hasn't changed, at all.  I weigh the same (about 227) so if I weight the same, that pretty much proves that condition has slid a bit — not a lot, but enough.  I figure once I am rolling for about 4 weeks I will see the condition steadily improving again and my strength should skyrocket (along with my hunger) even though I am not going to change my diet, at all, for at least the first 4 weeks.

I have decided to change up the training, though.  I am going to lower my total volume to really maximize recovery, especially early on.  I likely will increase volume, slowly, as I progress through this new blast phase, though.  I like higher volume and it works for me quite well.

After being sick early last week, I was forced to train for 4 straight days into the weekend and then take Memorial Day off.  I then came into this week having to train again for 4 straight days because I have to be out of town for a wedding on Saturday and won't be able to train.  1 day off in 9 days is not in line with my recovery abilities while on TRT.  So, I am sore as shit and had to back off on arms today and shift legs to tomorrow (1 day later).  I anticipate that the leg session won't be as strong as usual so I may have to cut the workload if I get into the gym and find that I don't have as much as I usually do, in the tank.  I'm not worried about it because I only have to get through a regular week next week and then train for 3 days the following week and I will be off for almost an entire week while I am in Chicago for Jr Nationals and then spend a couple of days with my daughter who is at Nursing School in Wisconsin.  The day after I get back home, I step on the gas again.  Woo Hoo!!

The left supinator is doing "ok."  It isn't 100% yet but it is much better and is progressing well.  I am still taking it easy to make sure that I don't reinjure it, but I am also training biceps harder than I was a month ago, too. I anticipate that if I can get through next week, I will have an entire week to rest it before getting back into the gym after Jr Nationals and it should be ready to go or damn close to 100%.

Again, if you are in Chicago for Jr Nationals, be sure to say hi if you see me.  If you aren't sure if it's me, my wife will be drunk and flirting with the 20-something physique guys and I will be the one standing there rolling my eyes.


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