I’ll never live to see 40.

I remember uttering these words during my somewhat wreckless days of youth where getting older seemed like an anomaly that would never happen to me. Now that I’m 41 I realize that age isn’t so much about how old you are, but how old you feel and I need to start making efforts to make sure that I can continue to feel young and productive. Since I started powerlifting over 20 years ago I’ve never done more than 5 minutes of cardio as a warm up to prevent injury for fear that any more would inhibit my strength. Now I realize it doesn’t matter how strong I am if my heart isn’t working efficiently. I also have never focused on mobility like I need to, especially with my shoulders and hips. I’m hoping to find a happy medium where I can improve my cardio, mobility, and hopefully the efficiency of my powerlifting in the process. If not then at least I’ll be healthier and will live longer.

12/8- GPP and mobility work

Prowler Pushes- 90 lbs x 50 yds
Sled Drags- 45 lbs x 50 yds
Prowler Pushes- 90 lbs x 50 yds
Sled Drags- 45 lbs x 50 yds

Shoulder Dislocations w/broomstick (which is much harder than the mini band that I normally use) x12x3

1 arm door stretch x 30 secs x3

Around the world w/25 lb plate x12x3 in both directions

1 leg band hip stretch

Hips to floor/frog hips stretch

Band around back hips stretch

Thanks to my training partner Tyler Weaver for doing the research to find some good mobility exercises for us. Even though we may not know the exact names for them, they’re definitely effective.

Stay tuned, this may get interesting..... or not.

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