I am soooo tired of logging shitty situations or things that aren't going right.  I had a hell of a time in 2017 and I refuse to in 2018.  So, I had an awesome week of killer workouts, felt great and was so happy I thought I was fucking high.

And I think we all know that's a lie.

I don't want a pity party; I'm already throwing one for myself and you aren't invited.

I was only in Florida for about a week and was just getting acclimated to the awesome weather, riding my motorcycle down the coast and training in a new badass gym when my selfish 89-year-old awesome grandma decided to go into hospice and passed last week.  I mean, who does she think she is ruining my workouts like that?

I hopped a plane back to the miserable weather of Michigan because I wanted to see my Grandma before she passed.  I was fortunate enough to get there and have a couple days with her before she submitted to her Creator.  She strongly believed in God and I respected that about her - among a myriad of other reasons that I had a lot of respect for her.  I was fortunate to be there at the end when she took her final breaths.  I could go on and on for pages about how awesome she was but that would bore you.

I spent most 8 days in Michigan's hell weather but did manage to get some solid workouts in and eat right.  Mrs. Skip flew in for the funeral for a couple days and I had the obligation of driving her around drunk to see her friends.  Basically, nothing was any different those 2 days than at home in Colorado or Florida.  🙂

At the tail end of my stay in Michigan I must have contracted either pneumonia or a severe case of bronchitis because I was coughing and felt like I was hacking up lung tissue - it hurt like hell fire (assuming hell fire is really bad).  My eyes hurt, I shit water for 3 days and I couldn't eat and struggled to sleep.  I only today am starting to feel better - just in time for Mrs. Skip to now have to deal with it, herself.  Yay us.

I haven't trained all week.  I normally would just push through and try to train but this completely kicked my ass and I was more concerned about shitting my pants while coughing than actually being unable to train.

I should be back in and almost 100% by Monday, I hope.  I just cannot get over the road blocks that I have endured over the last 9 months but dwelling on it doesn't do any good.  I am just looking forward to getting back at it Monday and hopefully not having to deal with any more death for a while and stocking up on good weeks of workouts.  Hell, I want to prep for a show this year and I have on in my sights but will take the next month to figure it out and see if I am going to commit or not.  At some point in the next month or so I will have to travel yet again to go back to Colorado to close on our house and ship all of our belongings to Florida, as well.

I plan on 2018 being much better than 2017 but it sure didn't start as well as I would have wanted it to.  However, there are still 11 months and a week left so I won't let a couple of weeks get me down.

Head down and trudge forward.  What else can you do?