I'm Rolling; Don't be Hatin'

Back from Jr Nationals and a short, two-day stint to see our daughter who is at nursing school and my 24-week blast has officially started.  I was going to wait until Monday, but I couldn't stand it so I'm rolling a few days early.

I still have to get a "starting" weight, but didn't want to get one after just getting back in town after destroying a lot of food and running on very little sleep.  I had 2 days in the last week that were 32-hour days and then one that was 24 so I had pushed it about as far as I could push it.  I honestly was worried I might get sick but after arriving home and catching up on sleep, I'm good to go.

There isn't anything going on that is fancy here.  I have been doing this for a long time and as much as I like to keep my body off balance, I don't screw around with complicating the structure of my workouts on a weekly basis.  I get better workouts and recovery when I train on more of a push/pull-type of structure.  I used to train chest with back but then I end up with too much shoulder work and they get overtrained relatively quickly.

With that said, I still need to prioritize back and shoulders.  I will still train 4 days per week with legs moved to Fridays instead of Thursdays simply because my wife has a regular job and we train legs in Miami which puts us back from the gym pretty late so I am compromising with her (cuz she's kinda cool) so that she doesn't have to get up after legs for work the next morning (Saturdays).

The structure will look like this:

M - chest/delts

T - back/biceps/rear delts

W - rest

Th - delts/triceps

F - legs/abs

Sat-Sun both rest days unless something gets turned around during the week 

M - Back/rear delts/biceps

T - chest/delts/triceps

W - rest

Th - back/rear delts

F - legs/abs

Sat and Sun - rest days

Repeat the 2-week schedule 

I am also excited to have my other training partner, Alex (theGerminator) back on board after recovering from an injury that sidelined him for a few months.  I don't usually like to train with 2 other people but our dynamic works very well and I gain motivation from him being there.

Diet is also not complicated as I am going right back to the diet I was using for the first 24-week blast and I should find that I will lean down just a tad as I get into this blast.

Skiploads will be on Sundays, as usual, and involve the usual suspects:  breakfast, burgers and BBQ.

I will not detail supplementation as I do not do this in my EliteFTS coach logs.  You can rest assured that I am in no way pretending to be natural or TRT and I will also be using the SCGS compound every other month, and my IGF blood levels will be elevated along with my testosterone levels.  If you have a negative opinion of this, I have a giant bag of fucks that I don't give.  You focus on you and I'll focus on me.  At the same time, blood work will be monitored and I will take all precautions that I can to ensure that I am as healthy as possible.

I gave double-red before going to Chicago and my hematocrit was 16.1 prior to giving double-red so I am comfortable that my hematocrit is well under 15 starting this blast.  Since I have started giving double-red after arriving in Florida, 16.1 is the highest my hematocrit gets even during blasts (last time was 15.9) so as I have stated before many times, my blood work is back to being in very good standing like it was for years before I had issues in 2013.  My blood pressure is also excellent and barely fluctuates while blasting vs. cruising so this is a great sign, as well.  BP was 130/72 last week.

I will get an accurate starting weight this weekend after being back in the gym and on my structured diet for about 3 or 4 days at that point.

I am very much looking forward to this blast and as much as progress is the main objective, I am going to work hard to continue to remain injury-free by being smart and not gambling in the gym.  My back feels great and my left supinator is better than it has been in the last 2 months though I doubt it is 100% just yet.  In being careful with it, I will not do any movements where I have to shift heavy dumbbells into place for the next month or so as that is likely the most vulnerable position for it.  Staying away from this movement has allowed me to train at 100% without irritating it.

It's go-time!


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