Sets are not just sets. Reps are not just reps. They are OPPORTUNITIES!

A huge mistake that people make is deciding to do "Speed Deadlifts" and they just put a light weight on the bar and pull a single. This literally did and does nothing for their deadlift.

Enough sets, enojugh reps, and enough rest between sets you have enough time to be your own coach and can sit down between sets and self correct. What Did I Do Wrong? Next set I'm going push my knees through a little more, bigger air, get my lats back, freaking get my head up...LET'S GO!


Sit down...Good job, nice pull. Next set let's pull my heels in a dot and make doggone sure that I have a slightly tighter arch in my lower back which will help me wedge the slack out of the bar... OK, LET'S GO!!!

Big Pull! Boom!!!!

Don't give yourself only once chance to improve this week! Get out there and be your own coach!