Today was a crazy day filled with a lot of issues. By the time I got everything taken care of I did not have a lot of time to train. I had a meeting I had to be at by 6pm and I didn't start training until 5pm.

Basically I knew it left me with not much time so I did what every man does with a little time: I squatted.

I warmed up with 155, 245 x 8, then did 335, 385,425 x 8. I didn't rest very long and after the set of 425, I was crushed. That was squatting cardio. I am not in good shape right now so I will feel it tomorrow.  Here is a video of the squats Kayla took as she heard me yelling a little to do this ridiculous cardio routine.


JL box squatting 425lbs x8 from JL Holdsworth on Vimeo.

My squats were done on my Elitefts Monolift and I had one of our interns run the Mono for me. This was her 2nd time running the Mono for me and she did a lot better this time. Last time she made a few rookie mistakes and I let her know that had it been 800lbs, she may have gotten kicked. I'm pretty sure this motivated her to do a lot better this time, but hey, that's what learning is all about. She did great this time.

It's great to see how far our interns have come over this summer. We make them learn everything and do everything. They have a  specific program they do so they can say they have done everything we ask our athletes to do. They train with us, compete in an event and become part of The Spot Athletics family. Some stay on as coaches, others move on to other things, but all of the interns we have had are great people that will do great things no matter what they choose to do.

Helping to shape the futures for young people in our field is something that I really enjoy and although I have made a few people cry, it's only because I give them the truth. To me you need people in your life who don't sugar coat things. If more people in this world were this way, it would be a much better place.