My client Kristen Norris recaps with this post-IPL Powerlifting Anaheim Fit Expo:

After the night of reflecting on my performance (and semi beating myself up) I came to realize I'm too hard on myself. After dropping 20+ pounds within the last two months of my training leading up to this meet I hit pr's during practice that didn't necessarily translate to the meet. I always put numbers in my head that I think I can hit after putting my body through strenuous water and calorie cuts and then get frustrated when they're not achieved on the platform. But in reality how I performed yesterday was probably the best I've ever done at any meet no matter the outcome. I totaled 821, again not what I wanted but that's only 4 pounds less than any other raw meet I did at a HIGHER weight class. Meaning I totaled 825 raw at 132 lbs at 2 other meets. Yesterday I totaled 821 raw at 123 lbs. I have nothing to be ashamed of and I need to start remembering that during the meet when things don't go my way. Everything happens for a reason and I learned that along the way. I ended with 6/9 on the day with a 303 squat, 171 bench and 347 deadlift not any "pr's" technically but at that body weight everything is. I want to thank my coach @gogginsforce for calling great numbers and handling 8 lifters in one day. My flight buddies @jones_gsaf and @atlali2020 for pumping me up between lifts. @swoleesi for being an awesome person not only on ig but also in person and being a strong ass lifter and one of the main people who motivated me to lose weight in the first place. @dmyreon for taking these great videos. To my pops for traveling all the way out to Cali to watch me. @jlowe_da_juiceman for being my rock even 1000 miles away and to the rest of #gogginsforce team who all killed it this weekend and are so encouraging you guys are forreal Great. I'm ready To take these numbers and add to them. I'm not sure what's next but I'm ready to be a 123 lifter to be reckoned with!