Joe Rogan lied to me! (well, sort of)

Well maybe he didn’t lie directly to me, but after watching numerous Joe Rogan YouTube interviews with Dr. Neil Riordan, Dan Bilzerian, Mel Gibson, and many others, along with performing my own research, I was convinced that umbilical stem cells would cure my autoimmune issues and heal my beat up right shoulder. Some people and information warned against the treatment, but at that point nothing was going to change my mind.

Although stem cell therapy isn’t covered by insurance, umbilical stem cells are used to treat blood cancers and immune disorders. I figured it was a sure thing so I found a stem cell clinic in Florida that would provide the treatment. Thousands of dollars and five months later (the stem cells are said to take 30 to 90 days to work) and I’m still in the same situation I was prior to the treatment. I had stopped taking all of my meds prior to it (in order to prevent blocking the receptor sites) so my blood levels had already improved from being off of them, but my joint pain and gut issues are no better than prior to the treatment. I have chronic, systemic inflammation that is very different than acute joint pain caused from lifting.

Stem cells may work for some people and certain situations, unfortunately they didn’t work for me.

I'm not giving up on this, so I’m now working with a local, highly recommended D.O. who’s taking more of a holistic approach. He’s the first doctor who ran numerous tests rather than just prescribing potentially harmful meds to see what happens. He had me do bloodwork (including tests that have never been run on me before), a mouth swab to test for gene mutations, and a stool sample to test for gut biome issues (I know that's TMI). After receiving the results, he has prescribed:

-An anti-parasite (since he thought I might have a parasite inhibiting my liver function since I have very low total cholesterol (my total cholesterol is only 84) along with elevated live enzymes),

-A specific form of injectable B12 since my MTHRFR mouth swab showed a double gene mutation,

-A sublingual form of Vitamin D since my Vitamin D levels are low even after supplementing for years

- A high CBD/low THC tincture (90%/10%) that has already had significant anti-inflammatory effects (I’ve taken OTC CBD products with little to no benefit for years). My dose is just 10 mgs CBD to 1.3 mgs THC which has no psychoactive effects but it clearly enhances the effects of the CBD.

- Low dose Naltrexone (this is the most interesting one). Google it. At high doses (50 mgs/day) Naltrexone is used to treat people weaning off of opiates but they've found that at low doses (1 to 4.5 mgs/day) it will suppress the body's immune response without any side effects. There are numerous studies showing that it helps reduce symptoms for MS, Parkinson’s, Lupus, Chron’s, Ulcerative Colitis, and many more severe diseases. It can take weeks, if not months, to kick in, but I’m hopeful.

He seems to know what he's doing and since the stem cells didn't seem to work I needed to try another option. If this doesn’t work then I’ll look for other options.


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