Just Training. That is all


1 10 min walk,  1 20 min stepmill


Accessory work with new prototype strap material.  Several sets of each:



standing rows

tricep two hand and one arm

Jumpy pullups



3 10 min walks




2 10 min walks

1 lap lunge with squat buddy

Used the Plow strap attachent with the magic carpet sled for 8 pushes on turf

Reverse Hypers 5 setsx12 , 3 pre, 2 post



3 10 min walks



1 20 min stepmill, 1 10 min walks


2 laps light sled drag , 1 lap walk

Tim Tam activations

Body is beat up from training so spent the day doing light tempo and recovery work.  Elite all american bar press 2platesx 5 setsx8. Pauses at bottom for 3 to 5 count per rep and breathing throughout

Hammer decline press for 3 min set and 5 min set.  Tempo work with multiple pauses throughout movement

Infinity loop rows 1 3min set and 5 min set. Same pauses and holds

Infinity loop kick back hold for 1 min setsx2


20 min stepmill

Activations before during and after.

Reverse hypers 4 pre, 3 postx12

Box squat with one strong band.  Used modified gate way briefs with straps.  Worked up to 465x3 and a drop set with 415x5. Mind said fuck 'em all and do another set of 5 plates but body said maybe not so much dude.  Negotiation complete passed on 5 plates.  5 plates x1 last time put me down for about 6 weeks if you remember. The 4.5 platesx3 fast meant more anyhow.

Pulled stretcher sled for 3 back and forth passed of 50 yards per. 300lb on sled. Like doing chain drags indoors. Awesome.

Trashed off the chain after that.

1/10 and 1/9



Stepmill for 20 mins

4 10  mins walks



20 min stepmill

Hammer leg press for 15mins with 2 plates a leg(around 20 to 30%)  Various stances throughout. Goal was simply to survive it. Pump was insane but I would hope so after 15 mins straight



2 laps light drag , 1 lap walk

Activations galour

White rhino floor press with 1 super fatty chain. Ended with  4plates and the fatty chain. About 430 ish at the top for 1. Capped it there. It was another one of those days where you come in thinking it will be some light shit because you went too hard the prior day.  The mega activations prior seemed to help alot.  Ended with a 385 ish for 3 and 3 plates for 7.

KB double rows 3x8

Wide grip pulldowns 3 roundsx 1 min plus reps with pauses and breathing

Super wide pushdowns 1x50-65 same tempo and pauses

Tons of activations post.

Survived and nothing fell off..yay!


20 minutes stepmill


Box squat with cambered bar(high sky box) but ended with 555x2 so happy with that

Reverse hypers 4 pre, 3 post

Yoke walks.  4 passes of about 50 yards.  Survived and the back and wheels didn't fall off


Tim Tam activations

3 10 min walks


Tim Tam activations

2 10 min walks


Activatoins with the tam tam

1 lap prowler push, 2 10 min walks

Knee is acting up and felt really stiff. It has not been right since walking off the curb and the leg gave out.  Just feels crusty and weak. Elected to to belt squats working up to 5 plates x4 sets

Reverse Hypers 4 pre and 2 post

Stomps for time on belt squat . 30 sec , 2 x45 sec sucked


Activations with the tim tam x2 twice in day

Sled 1 lap 1.5 plates, 1 lap , 1 lap walk 10 min


Activations with the tim tam

Accessroty work backon hammer pulldown 10 sets

Pull aparts 200 reps



1 prowler push, `2 10 min walks

Box squat with squat buddy. Worked up to 5 platesx1.  Stopped there. Lot of sets inbetween

3 sets of pause deadsx3. Got to b ullshittin' and got cold so called it and finished up with some hypers

3 sets pre, 2 sets post reverse hypers


Tim tam activations

1 15 min walk

Pump accessory

Hammer pulldowns 8 sets

Tricep pushdowns(two versions supper setted) 10 sets each

Old school Nautilus pec deck 8 sets

1 10 min set of two hand swings.  Set of 10 walk it off for 10 to 15 and then come back to it. Round 20 sets total

Tim tam on upper body and neck to keep it loose


1 30 min walk



Tim Tam activations

20 min step mill

Saw a repost of a old westside shoulder accessory training with a gian ascending  reps set of exercises. I remember doing this along time ago but my ego made me do horrible weights so this time I just did very light. Pump was terrible and I really couldn't move my shoulders for a few minutes.  It contains some upright row work which always jacks my neck.  I was a touch crossed eyed at the end so did some more activations to calm it down.  Helpful, at least with the eye uncrossing some

Tsumani bar x10

plate raise x15

Db front raise x20

Plate upright x25

Db lateral x30

DB side x35

Band front raise x70

Band face pull x100

band upright x130


Two laps sled-one lap strap over shoulder, 1 lap hand cuff pull(like a chain drag. One 10 min walk off

Bench with pads. thought up a terrible way to do tricep death.

275lb with 3 pads. 3 to 5 secs hold with very slight let off into pad(very slight)

First round hold and press.  Pull pad and lower, hold and then press.  repeat.

Second start with one pad and go up and down pad without full press. This turned out to be mush harder and I forgot to breath the entire time. Miss judged the push up on some and he could not get the pad in till I moved it up some

Third round. repeated   and was a much better round.

Finished with 315x10 off regular softee press pad

The slight push up and slide a pad is the hardest and keeps the most tension on the muscles. I told the guys this would be there punishment for triceps later on.  Everything worked much better doing it this way engaging more muscle recruitment. The 315x10 was much easier and lockouts were more solid and less shoulder pain.  Also kept me in my old grove spreading the load over more muscle, fascia , etc.  Pretty sure if I would have thrown 405 on again, I could have gotten 2 or 3 better reps then the 1 a couple weeks back is what I am saying outloud.

5 sets of dips. This typically are uncomfortable  and slightly painful.  This time after alot of bullshitting and time off from the benches these were done. I expected them to pop off but in general they were better then normal and lockouts were better. So there that is..



One lap heavy sled drag pre with a one 10 min walk. One 10 mins walk more after training

Tim Tam activations

Reverse hypers  5x12

Squat with gateway briefs and white rhino bar. Worked up to 409lbx3 over many sets.  No problems there

Heavier leg press testing upper thigh wraps and squat buddy. Usually, hamstring and adductor bite some on right side. New set  up was just to see if the wrap would help stimey some of the pain. It did and I was happy.   5 or 6 sets.


Tim tam activations till my tim tam died. Boomstick , Indian Club and screwdriver returnth.

1 20 min stepmill sesh

Light rep work.

Back rows 10 sets,

Chest press 10 sets

Bent over hammer rows 5 sets

Fat tricep extensions  10 sets

Been sick again for 3 or 4 days so this is the first day I felt okay. Still vertigo when I bend over but seemed to get better as the day went on.

Managed alittle bit of walking the previous days but nothing to call anything

Work wise we are moving forward on alot of changes. 2019 has been a tough year on all fronts for us though.


1 20 min walk


2 10 min walks


3 laps sled, 1 lap walk

Bench worked up to 315 for 3x8

3 board close grip 315x5x5

Banded flyes 3x10

Infinity loop tricep work 3x20


1 10 min walk. Rest of day was the annual Spud Inc Holiday Bash.  Kept it locked at 40 lifters. Makes for a more doable day and not being there until 8 or 9pm.  Typically, we shoot for very well run and fast meets with consistent judging. I think we have accomplished for the 2nd year in a row. We had some program issues on the first flight and it  was old school yell it out but by 2nd flight it was straight and the rest of the day was quick and smooth.  No one got hurt which is the most important part and alot of good numbers were put up.

Our campaign is to collect new toys as donations for the meet.  We give them to the local fire fighters who give them to kids in tramatic situations like houses burnt down or major accidents as some examples.  Last year we got two big boxes. This year was one gigantic box which was way more then last year.

Look forward to it next year! Remember, we expect it to fill up in less then a couple weeks!



Activations pre and post

3 10 min walks

High volume legs

Narrow leg press 10 min set nonstop. Worked on pauses and breathing round 300 reps

Lunges with squats buddy.  Lots of pauses mid lunge and breathing work 10 min set Round 300 reps

Finished  with 10 mins of super light wide stance squat. Same type of pauses and breathing.  Pretty pooped from first two 10 min sets so lots of just standing there while the body vibrated and the mind said this is useless, quit NOW! Round 150 reps

Test out new reverse  hyper strap material. Super light and strong.  Started with 400lb for 2 sets and then 600lb for 4 sets.



3 10 min walks


3 10 min walks

Tons of activations hoping to feel good for some accessory work.  That never materialized  so did all BT work.

Gut work 10 mins

Arm and Pec work 10 to 12 min per arm

Quad work 15 mins. This one and still is the most painful for me. Lots of areas to go over and over again. Used short band to keep feet parallel and not lay out to sides

Back side Loaded up hammies and butt with a bit of low back for 6 mins. Achilles for 4 or 5 minutes.

Body did feel alot better so mashing it out of me works too.


2 laps sled, 1 lap walk

Tim tam activations and boomstick. Pretty stuck so had a pre and post training.

Been benching for quite awhile and decided to take a break and do dumbells. Tried to get the guys to get off the benching gig but nobody bit on that.  So I figure they will do their thing in the back room and I will do my dumbells. So I go to do activations and come out to do presses and low and behold the utility bench that slightly inclines was gone. It has a fat pad on it too so it makes pressing more shoulder friendly.  I look down and these f&#k faces are out on the main floor setting up to do reverse bands in the big red gibson rack using the ONE utility bench I really like.  I go down there and say this is the one f&^king exercise you could think of that involved coming out of the powerlifting room and using this  utility rack? They look at me blankly. I say I guess I will use rickty wobbly bench instead and laugh it off. I am not really upset but it is totally weird that my plan was to use that bench and they come out of GD powerlifting room which no one has on a Sunday session for weeks and weeks now to train the main exercise!

Worked up to 80lbx 5 or 6 sets slowly.  Dropped to 60lb for 3 timed sets of around one minute. Same pauses and tempo styles while trying to diaphragm breath.

Slight incline smith machine  press 4 sets

Dumbbell handle flyes on floor. Kept sanddune unders knees.  Tried to do the Juarez Valley dip method volume on this again. Failed close to the end so had to rest  a bit longer then usual. Did a couple more sets post this with rest.

The Tim Tam activations post helped alot.


3 10 min walks.

Sorta rushed myself to get done by 1130 for a meeting with the fabricator who is going to make me some cases for going to conferences and events to display the wares.

Duffalo bar squats with gateway briefs(working on some hand pull up placements to improve this product. Eventually we will make a 2 ply pant in an couple of variations.

Worked up to 415x1 with lots of sets of 3 in between. Back is holding up so far. Wednesday's band only deadlifts made some anger rise in my lefts hip.

Reverse hypers pre and post 6 sets

154lb two hand swings with squt buddy 3x10



Activations with Tim Tam, boomstick and band hanging

1 10 min walk, 1 20 min sled drag with Short Track indoor sled

Pump stuff

Decline hammer 10 rounds of 3 sets of close, wide and ultra wide presses

V grip with grenade grip  for pulls to chest and tricep extensions 10 rounds of 10 reps each

Side and rear delt raises 10 each for 5 rounds

KB presses with ab ups in between 4 rounds


3 10 min walks


2 10 min walks, 1 10 min stair climb

Activations with everything

Reverse Hypers 4 pre, 2 post

Machine squats close stance.  6 to 8 per sets with lots of pauses and working on breathing.  Wore prototype shawty lifting pants(shortened version of gateway briefs.

Deadlifts with bands only. worked up to 1 strong, 2 averages and 2 lights for 3 sets pausing below knee, above knee and some at lockout.  Dropped bands and did partial close stance pulls for 2 sets.

Starting to get the eating and walking for 10 minutes x 3 times back in the game. Fell off the wagon with trips, deaths and holidays. Plan is work the week days  well and Sunday.


Activations with boomstick and Tim Tam

3 10 min walks


Tim tam and boomstick activations both pre training and post

3 10 min walks

Accessory work

Mag grip, wide bar standing pulldowns 20 sets

Fat bell rows. Started at 44 and worked up to 150lb alternating arms with weights. left 44lb, 53lb right and so on.  3 rounds

Bicep machine one arm curls  5 sets

Ab wheel mixed with planks off sand dune 3 rounds each


2 laps sled, 2 ten min walks

Bench worked up to 335 off 2 board. Arms and chest were still angry from last week so eased off this week.

Josh Bryant chest finisher(Juarez Valley Method dips) . Did one round on suspension straps for pushups and one on dip rack.



2 10 min walks, 1 20 min walk post training

Tim Tima activations

Reverse hypers 4 pre 2 post

Duffalo bar squats with Gateway briefs on. Had a new style way to sew the strap on to pull it  up. Wanted to try it out today. Pull up was nice, needs some slight adjustment. Work sets 325x8, 325x10,  375x3 glidey reps.

Leg press semi narrow 5x6


2 10 min walks




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