I’d like to introduce you to a friend of mine, Justin Stine. This Florida born 26-year young Powerlifter has adopted Busy Body Gym, Boca Raton as his gym home and is working hard to both furnish the place, and to create a Powerlifting community in an old school gym setting.

Busy Body Gym is a commercial style gym that has been the go-to for many athletes of all variety, namely Bodybuilding. The facility also has a very busy Boxing Training area as well as pretty much anything you can imagine you might need if you were a Powerlifter and then some. That is, thanks to Justin Stine.

Justin’s lifting history began when he was young. Video games, t.v. and computers were not his thing. Justin didn’t have much in common with kids his age and struggled to find a social network he felt comfortable belonging to. Lifting helped make him feel better about himself and healthy in general. After meeting his first influencer, Coach Romeo at Atlantic High School, Justin went on to win “Best Lifter” all four years. This was where Justin found his passion for lifting and decided to give Powerlifting a try.

Strength was something that came very naturally to Justin. Currently, his stats are; Bench: 435lbs Squat: 639lbs Deadlift: 639lbs Total: 1713 weighing in at 310lbs. After a few injuries, he’s managed to already beat these numbers during training. He has some lofty goals coming up at the next meet I also happen to be competing in, The Throwdown in Miami, November 23. I’m really looking forward to seeing him hit those numbers!

Busy Body is where Justin met his biggest influence, and dear friend Coach Bob Braunstein who sees a lot of potential in Justin. “The most genuine, kind soul I’ve ever met,” was one of the many compliments Coach Bob gave me about him. The gym community at Busy Body quickly took a liking to Justine and he was welcomed with open arms to come and train. The problem was, the facility was greatly lacking in equipment. Most of it was dated, not very good quality, broken and not enough to go around. Justin stepped up to make things work and has purchased several new cages, bars, chains, bands, and many other great pieces of equipment, including two custom made competition Elitefts benches. Thanks to Justin’s investment, the club’s membership numbers have increased. The place is now packed with goal-oriented people and strength, even at different levels is a common goal among us all. Justin needed a home to train. Our “home” needed furnishings. Together, the community at Busy Body is now one that is flourishing with empowerment. Empowerment through strength.








Justin’s passion hasn’t stopped with competing. He also earned a degree in Exercise Science and is attending school now to be a Physical Therapy Assistant. His desire to train (live), achieve a higher education (learn) and purchase his own equipment and allow all of us in Busy Body gym community to grow stronger using it (pass on). Was something I really wanted to bring light to.

I’m excited to watch where this bright star’s future takes him. I feel blessed to have him on my journey with mine. Thank you, Justin, now let’s CRUSH THOSE NUMBERS!!!

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