Knee Rehabilitation

I have been concerned about continuing to write about my knee issues. My hesitation was because I would prefer not to hear about someone's injury over and over. The assumption was that other people would feel the same way. After speaking with a few people I trust, I am going to continue to discuss my journey back from these knee issues because I know I am not the only one dealing with these issues; a lot of people have knee issues, and they don't know how to fix them or train around them.

Though I have been progressing quite well over the last month, I decided to take my recovery one step further. If you haven’t heard of @kneesovertoesguy on Instagram, you need to look him up. At first, I was hesitant (you know, because it's Instagram), but this guy is doing something that most old-school types would consider blasphemous. When I explain the basics of what he believes and teaches, it should make sense. It seemed logical to me, so I signed up for his program. Understand that this coach log will not be about the protocol, as much as it will be about how much it is helping my knee.

Mobility and Flexibility

The basic premise of the protocol is that the knee absolutely should be able to be out in front of the toes. Training your lower body to do this will decrease the risk of vulnerability to the knee. We have been taught or trained to think that this is a risky position for the knee. It CAN be if the knee and ankle mobility and flexibility are limited. This lack of mobility and flexibility is what can put the knee in a vulnerable position. If the knee and ankle are trained correctly over time, the risk of injury diminishes substantially. Plus, this protocol has helped thousands of people overcome what they thought were debilitating and chronic knee issues – sometimes for years.

The Program

I spent a lot of time going over the program. I was probably subconsciously trying to find something that would seem illogical or something that would make me not want to use it. Everything I read and every video demonstration sold me on the idea even more. I won't go so far as to say this guy is brilliant, but I will admit that I'm glad he was thinking outside of the box and had not subscribed to the dogma that we sometimes accept without challenge. These types of people can change the game. His thinking is helping me rehab my knee when I have never had knee injuries before.


As I stated previously, I will not break down the system, and I will not answer questions about it if anyone contacts me. If you want to know about the program and whether it is suitable for your situation, do your due diligence and check the program out for yourself. I will, however, be reporting on my progress as I work through the program.

One-Week Results

So far, I have only been doing the program for a week. It is straightforward, and it doesn't require any equipment or anything that you need to purchase. I don't buy into a plan if the person also sells all of the crap to make the program successful.

Bottom Line

I am better off today than I was a week ago for using the program. That is a good enough reason for me to continue using the program. I want to see how much it helps me recover and close in on getting this knee back to 100%.

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